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Park Joon Hyung Almost Got Kicked Out of g.o.d Because of His Girlfriend

In a time when an idol group member having a girlfriend was unheard of, g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung talked about what happened when it was revealed that he was dating back in the day.

On October 22’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Park Joon Hyung appeared as a guest sharing about his past and present as a g.o.d member.

MC Kim Gura brought up the past when Park Joon Hyung was almost kicked out of g.o.d in 2001 because he had a girlfriend. He even mentioned how Park Joon Hyung cried at the press conference, saying, “I’m 32-years old. I can have a girlfriend.”

Park Joon Hyung tried to stop Kim Gura from talking about it, saying, “I guess the video will go up again. Every time I see it, I wonder why I [cried], and I want to slap myself.”

When asked why he cried, Park Joon Hyung replied, “I was really frustrated. It wasn’t something that could ever happen in America, right? I said that I had a girlfriend and I got kicked out. It wasn’t anything else. I really didn’t do drugs and I don’t drink. If you don’t believe me, you can pull out my hair and check.”

MC Kim Gura then replied, “The only thing he did was buy his girlfriend a drink,” followed by Yoon Jong Shin saying, “He’s someone who did a very honest interview.”

The situation with Park Joon Hyung and Sidus HQ was eventually resolved when all the g.o.d fan cafes united as one to protest against Park Joon Hyung being kicked out of the group. Fans started mailing all of their g.o.d items back to Sidus HQ, boycotting all g.o.d advertised goods, and postering the streets about the issue. The remaining four g.o.d members also had a press conference on their own without their agency to oppose Park Joon Hyung being thrown out of the group.
source: mwave
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