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T-ara is coming for dat Chinese paper

Girl group T-ARA will be releasing their own version of "Little Apple" next month.
T-ARA will be collaborating with popular chinese singer, Chopstick Brothers, who are known for their funny song.

"Little Apple" features an upbeat melody and funny lyrics and has gained much popularity in China. T-ARA's version of this song will release on November 6. T-ARA has remade this song with their own style and have added easy to follow lyrics that will be easy remember after hearing it just once.

They will also be leaving to Shanghai on October 21 to attend the press conference for SBS MTV's "The Show." T-ARA has had all of their released songs top the Chinese MV charts and is very popular in China. (lmao this mediaplay)

They will also begin their China tour concert starting on December 27, starting in Shanghai. They will also appear on TV programs, dramas and commercials and begin a variety of different promotions in China.

Just last month, T-ARA made a comeback with their song, "Sugar Free," which featured both English and Korean lyrics. Earlier this year, both Hyomin and Jiyeon made solo debuts. Jiyeon released her album, Never Ever, first.

T-ARA have also been holding Japan tours every year since 2012. This year they will be holding their tour in November and December. Below is the schedule of locations and dates for this year:

Tokyo Show: November 26th, 18:00-18:30, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL - 10,800 yen
Tokyo Show: November 27th, 18:00-18:30, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL - 10,800 yen
Osaka Show: December 1st, 18:00-18:30, International Convention Center - 10,800 yen
Fukuoka Show: December 4th, 18:00-18:30, Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall - 10,800 yen


KKS rn

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