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Godwoon reveals that omona's fave group still shares all income

B2St′s Son Dong Woon shared how the group splits its income.

On October 22′s broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star, Son Dong Woon was asked if B2ST still splits its income 1/n.

Son Dong Woon answered postively, adding, "But like I always say, 98 percent of the total income is from B2ST. It comes from group activities."

"Truthfully, the individual activities that come out on TV isn′t that much money," explained Son Dong Woon. "Because we split the cost of the costumes and album production, there was barely any income left from Hyun Seung′s activities as Trouble Maker. We get income from concerts, events, and advertisements for the most part."

An MC asked, "Do you feel discontent when there are more individual activities?" to which Son Dong Woon replied, "That′s why we had another talk about income distribution a year ago. The company asked us what we wanted to do, so we made an agreement with a show of hands to still do 1/n."

"I didn′t shoot my hand in the air, but just softly rose it," said Son Dong Woon. "I also shared what I made through the musical with the members."

1. [+328, -16] I remember the members all helped pay off Kikwang's AJ debt before they started getting paid. Probably one of the reasons why Kikwang did a lot of individual activities at the start of their debut, because he was so grateful to them. When Doojoon started getting a lot of individual activities, he said he felt happy that he got to pay back the members for all the hard work they put into the album preparation. It feels like the six of them were made for each other... hopefully for a long time!

2. [+310, -20] If 98% of their income comes from group activities, I guess there isn't a member who's really regretful about that arrangement ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do well, guys~~

3. [+200, -15] B2ST is going to be a long running group.. I really like their new song too, promote for a long time!

4. [+47, -5] Who are the idiots who keep comparing this to Suzy? miss A barely has any group income, the situation's not comparable to B2ST at all.

5. [+39, -6] I think all of them being treated like nobodies in other companies and working this hard back up helped them mature into good people. They know what's more important than money in the end.

6. [+31, -13] Kikwang used to promote as AJ before B2ST and had some debt but all of B2ST helped him pay it off by dividing their income ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+20, -4] Dongwoon seems like a good person, like someone who treats their hyungs right

8. [+10, -1] One of the few idol groups who uses a ballad as their title track. The only male idol songs I have in my mp3 are B2ST's.

source: mwave, netizenbuzz, nate

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