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Winner's Interview for ELLE Korea


PART.1 Mino, Seungyoon, Taehyun

Kang Seungyoon has a spirit of a leader, Nam Taehyun has a unique sensibility and Song Minho has good energy. These musicians get together to produce WINNER’s music while expanding the range of musical diversity with individual’s styles added at the same time. Although we separated them into one group of Seungyoon, Taehyun, and Minho and another with Seunghoon and Jinwoo as YG Entertainment staffs suggested, this separation will only be effective today because they will become one again, simply by the fact that the members do not hesitate to reveal their desire about music. Many people saw <WIN>, where YG trainees competed for debut as Team A and Team B for 100 days. Through the creation of WINNER, there’s something we realized: the result of YG’s unique but extreme training style although there is no dream that needs to be tested. Their vocation that they will shout out about how the light yet delicate word, “growth”, can never be a suitable expression. I met with Seungyoon, Taehyun and Minho who must have experienced the first stage of their most tough times as they went from debut preparations to 1st album promotions.

All three of you are producers but are there any disagreements while making music?
Seungyoon: No, we each make the music that we want to. Once we’re close to finishing songs, we listen to each other’s songs. Even if it’s the same medium-tempo and R&B genre, Mino, Taehyun, and I end up having different types of music. The process of sharing and giving opinions with each other is stimulating and quite fun.

What about the composing style?
Mino: I like composing in my room. These days, since we have a lot of schedules, there are instances when I do it outside with my earphones, but I can’t concentrate as much compared to when I have the lights off in my room with the speakers on while mumbling to myself.
Seungyoon: Usually, I sit at the company’s studio and do a sketch with guitar chords then dress it with melody and lyrics. Afterwards, I meet with producer and composer hyungs and we add the flesh.
Taehyun: I just compose when I think of something. Whether it’s while reading a book or watching a movie, or when I suddenly have something randomly stuck in my mind.

You can’t do that everyday though.
Taehyun: But I still tend to compose like that. I don’t think with the mindset of, “Oh, I should start working now so I can put it on the album”, and composing when I want to relieves stress so I like it. When I’m stressed, I like relieving it through expressions of music or art.

I heard Mino has excellent drawing skills, Taehyun [do you draw] too?
Taehyun: I tend to draw on canvas with acrylic paint. Rather than, “I’ll draw this”, I like to draw where my hand goes to. When I do this, it’s my personal time, so it heals me.
Seungyoon: The similiarity between the 3 of us is that we’re from art high schools and we like drawing and music. When I was young, I did art for a little while, then I transferred schools during the 5th grade and when I made new friends, they opened my eyes to pop songs.

Seungyoon is from Busan Arts High School?
Seungyoon: Yes. I was a music and classic guitar major. The school was very conservative, even during my trainee period, I had to go to school once a week.
Mino: I’m from Hanlim Arts High School. I majored in entertainment. And my base was acting, but I also took classes for dubbing artists and there was a comedy class so I did a variety of things. I was part of that school’s first graduating class so back then, there were only 3 classes. Taehyun was a part of the 2nd graduating class at the same school. But starting with the 2nd graduating class, there were practical music classes and modeling classes.
Taehyun: I went to Korea Arts High School but because of my previous agency, I transferred to Hanlim Arts High School as a practical music major.

You are proud sunbaes of that school now.
Mino: Since so many of my friends that went there debuted, will people know that we’re from that school?

Of course. What were the reasons that made you want to do music badly?
Mino: Since elementary school, I really liked hip hop. I liked basketball and that gave me the opportunity to long for African-American culture and I wanted to be a rapper at first. Naturally, I started to write raps, started recording, got into an arts school, became a Block B member, and during this whole process, my dream to become a rapper changed to becoming a singer. But after some complications, I entered YG which I longed for.
Taehyun: I think I have always liked music. When I was in my mom’s stomach, my mom played a lot of classical music so I also really like classical music. Except for Handel. I have some trauma regarding Handel.

Do you think it was your destiny to do music?
Taehyun: My original dream was to become a geographer, my hobby was getting on a subway alone and getting off at a random station, and looking at the environment just before the exit. When I was in elementary school, I lived in Hanam city but because I was curious as to what kind of place Gangnam was I went there, and when I arrived, I realised, “what a wide world”. I started wanting to become a singer started when I was in middle school. It was a period when I needed change, I had the thought that I wanted to become a person that’s acknowledged by everyone. I was a little popular at school and had good reactions when I sang. It was a period when I heard that I had a good voice. When I get hooked on something, I tend to stick with it until the end. After realizing that I had to become a trainee before becoming a singer, I just went to auditions without any planning. This company… that company… there are almost no companies where I didn’t audition. But I failed all of them.

Even YG?
Taehyun: YG is the only one I didn’t audition for. I just had the feeling that they had an unapproachable energy. While going to Hanlim High School, I was offered a casting call which is how I auditioned for YG. I had a total of 4 tests and became a trainee afterwards. It was a desparately earned opportunity.
Seungyoon: I heard Taehyun did that too, but in the 6th grade, I made a singing group with my friends. The name was MBC which stood for Margarine, Butter, and Cheese (laughs). People said it was greasy how I added a lot of vibrations and made my voice very manly, that’s why I was Margarine.

Margarine Egg Rice… you know it’s really good, right?
Seungyoon: I don’t know what margarine tastes like.
Interviewer: It tastes like cheap butter.
Seungyoon: Ah, then that means I was cheap. I should have been Butter.
Mino: I like Ketchup Egg Rice or Soy sauce Egg Rice. I ate these often.
Taehyun: I dipped grilled pork belly in ketchup and ate it. I still do this.
Seungyoon: I am from Busan, but I don’t eat sashimi/raw fish. I’m allergic.

Mm… your tastes in food are… How are you these days?
Mino: My spirit is really happy.
Seungyoon: My body is tired.
Taehyun: I’m spending days that are like dreams so I’m thankful.
Mino: It’s like I achieved one of my dreams?
Seungyoon: It’s also a time when we’re dreaming a bigger dream.

After listening to ‘Empty’ from your 1st Album ‘2014 S/S’ , I was so surprised to hear a jazz sound twice. It was so good. I heard it’s not a track you made.
Mino: I participated in the lyric writing.
Seungyoon: B.I made it but CEO YG said it fit Winner better than iKON so we ended up singing it first. If the debut track was our song, it would have been nice, but the song was really good so I didn’t have that greed. There are many artists that sing songs that are given by composers. I think of this like that.

Isn’t BI a figure that scratched your self esteem?
Seungyoon: It’s like that now too. Why wouldn’t it be like that? On Winner’s 1st album, among the double title tracks, the representative track is a song that was created by B.I, who is 3 years younger than me! (laughs). But still, I can say that he’s a good motivator.
Taehyun: Although he’s a competitor, I really like BI’s music. He really makes songs well.
Mino: I’m also really proud of Bobby, who won ‘Show Me the Money 3′. He clearly smashed the prejudice regarding idol rappers.

Through ‘Show Me the Money 3’and ‘Mix and Match’ you are able to see Team B and I get a feeling that you must feel relived while watching.
Seungyoon: That’s correct. Especially regarding the fact that a path for debut has been opened for them.
Taehyun: It hurts my stomach because they’re doing better than us. (laughs)
Seungyoon: Regardless, there’s a sense of relief. Even though my stomach hurts. (laughs)

During your trainee period you just trained and during your overseas activities, you just performed. Amidst all that, wasn’t it draining to write stories about love?
Seungyoon: I think the members are good at imagining. Most probably because they watch movies and listen to other music. Truthfully, it’s very limiting to write songs based on personal experiences.
Mino: I use past experiences as a base for imagination too.

It seems like it’d be frustrating.
Mino: It is!
Seungyoon: During our trainee period, I would secretly meet friends on the weekend and drink. I was less famous during that time so that was possible. These days, I really have no time. Regarding dating, I’m even more careful.

In the past there was a movie called ‘Truman Show’.
ALL: We know it!
Taehyun: I’ve watched that movie 15 times. I really like Jim Carrey.

Without you even knowing, you were thrown into a situation that spread throughout the nation and this overlapped with ‘WIN’. As the main characters, did you experience any Truman-like(?) shock?
Taehyun: Everything has a negative side. There is always a positive side that can overcome that negative side , which is why people choose those jobs and those situations and we were the same. We had no choice but to endure it all and we had to do it.

What did you lose and what did you gain?
Taehyun: Personal aspects of our lives disappeared because they were shown to the public. Also, we lost time to ourselves.
Seungyoon: Just like this interview will be preserved as writing, the videos of the intense moments of our lives will remain which I see as a positive. I left a mark of how I thought in the past.

What do you think of the debut concept, like a group from a well-off household, mature and classy, “Winner from birth”?
Seungyoon: I liked it. I felt that it fit really well too.
Taehyun: Because I didn’t live like that, I thought it was gonna be fun and it was fun. The size of my confidence changed.
Seungyoon: The concept of us debuting under a reality show can be seen as a contradiction. What was shown during the program, of us being lousy and being cooked in life and smelling of it too, are all true. However, the luxury that was inherent in us was shown simultaneously with our debut so it has a huge meaning. I gained faith in the message, “From now on you’re going to have a life like this.”
Mino: We just came out with something as simple as a concept but I’m fascinated at how our mindsets changed. I think we’re wearing the clothes of luxury well.
Seungyoon: I think our members have good ‘talent’ regarding that. I think the fact that we can portray a changed concept is our ‘talent’.

Do you like the team name?
Seungyoon: At first, I said “What the heck is Winner” but after we got it, I liked it. (laughs) In any situation, we can be winners.

So you didn’t receive any kind of compulsion once you started activities?
Seungyoon: We’re not doing music because we want to win. At every interview, I have come to repeat myself that we want every listener who listens to our music to be a winner.

You started promotions in Japan simultaneously. How did you come to rank so highly on the Oricon Chart?
Mino: Truthfully, we couldn’t realise it at a close proximity.
Seungyoon: It’s like that. Maroon 5 is ranking highly in our country’s music charts. It’s a feeling like that? However, the J-POP chart is a competiton between all of Japan’s artists so it’s worth being recognized/acknowledged. However, people don’t react excessively on the fact that we ranked second in the Oricon Chart. While struggling, we had a nation-wide tour and we did many interviews to let everyone know about Winner… As rookies, we’re starting from the bottom.

You successfully lined the songs from the 1st album on the charts. There were so many articles regarding this. It must have been good news but on the other hand, there are probably lots of people against idol music lining the top of the charts.
Seungyoon: Whether our music is mainstream or if it ever becomes a retort, I think that’s different. Our music style differs from other idol music.
Taehyun: Although we’re one of many idol groups, if there’s one thing we want to insist until the end, it’s that we’re not like the public percieved idol group. It’s one of the reasons we reject music that seems to flaunt artificiality.

How do you want the public to see you?
Taehyun: A group that’s more serious about music than anyone else. Because we are artists under YG entertainment, we definitely have to follow the company’s legacy. We have to achieve what people expect of us and also do we what we want to do. We have to find that balance. Regarding that, I believe we’re doing it well. When we do interviews, we often get the question of “What’s the difference between Winner and other idol groups” a lot. Our members all gathered because we like music. Our mindset towards music is different.
Seungyoon: I think these days, there are people who think that the sincerity in music on the charts is falling. However, reacting happily to a happy song, empathising with a sad song, and being excited with fast songs, isn’t that the most basic goal of music?
Mino: Regarding tastes, I don’t think there’s an answer. Every person’s emotion is different. Writing happy song when you’re happy, writing sad songs when you’re sad is natural. We still have a lot of regrets so on the first album, there’s a lot of regret and because of this it was emotional. However, while promoting, we received an unexpected amount of love and we became happy. Because of that, we might be able to do a dance song for the next album. I don’t want to put a prejudice regarding creation of music.
Seungyoon: Obviously, there are things I want to hear from people. Things like, “I think I know what these kids are thinking when they’re making music.” “I can feel it.” “I can empathise with them.” Comments like that.

Have you receive comments asking if you were doing this for wealth and honour?
Seungyoon: In the past, my mom asked stuff like this a lot. Everytime she asked that, I told her that I was happy [with what I was doing.
Mino: I wonder how many people actually do music for wealth and honour.
Seungyoon: Honor, glory. If you start music with this mindset, then it’s impossible to have a good idol image. In Korea, there’s a nuance that idols are different from artists. One thing that’s certain is that we started music because we like music and as people that enjoy it, we want to feel empathetic.
Taehyun: Personally, I believe that singers have to be half-crazy to be able to do music. Also, accepting that they are crazy and having a strong mental mind that can endure that is essential.
Seungyoon: I’ve seen many who wanted to be singers and thought they were unique and special and didn’t want to accept that they were no different from many others. The reason we’re able to stand here today might be because we gave up reasonable things bravely. No, it is.

Didn’t you feel that your first album promotions were too short?
Taehyun: We don’t feel that but until people know about ‘Winner’, we can’t rest.
Seungyoon: During promotions, we were working hard for the next album. Concluding our first album promotions means concluding broadcast promotions, it doesn’t mean we’re resting.
Mino: Because of our company’s characteristics, we can’t rest. There are many artists who are preparing, so the person with a completed album can promote. Even if we promote with the name Winner, there’s a constant competition. We have no choice but to work hard.

How do you take care of your physical health?
Mino: I don’t do it, no, I can’t do it. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m enduring all this with the body I made during my trainee period.
Taehyun: I feel like I’m going around always running out of breath.(laughs)? It’s like my life span is becoming shorter.
Seungyoon: If we take 10 years worth “out of breathness” right now in advance, maybe we can do music comfortably later. I very much hope that’s what will happen.(laughs).
Taehyun: I’m going to run away. To Europe
Mino: I’m going to go to Jupiter. I’m going to get a contract with NASA.
Seungyoon: I’m gonna go to Uranus!
Mino: Uranus is not in our galaxy! Physical health first. Let’s think about space later (laughs)!

PART.2 Seunghoon & Jinwoo

“We fit perfectly together,” I faced WINNER’s ‘hyung-line’ Jinwoo and Seunghoon with a table in between. Jinwoo, who has been improving his skills as a YG trainee for a long time and Seunghoon, who made the audience keep an eye on him by showing them his creative raps and choreographies on the broadcast audition program. These two, who I felt their consideration for their dongsaengs (“younger brother”s) as they stepped one step back at the studio, treat each other in free and easy manner as if they were schoolmates. You can feel deer-like eyes Jinwoo’s innocent mindset despite his age of 24 years old, and find Seunghoon’s quick spoken words to be witty but how there are none that misses the main point. “Why are you interviewing us?” “Who did you meet last month?” Although we frequently got off-topic as they continued to throw many questions to the editor, for the two boys who “felt like [they’re] not celebrities but still just trainees”, it seemed like there were more things that they wanted to know about than the things that they wanted to say about.

How do you feel about going through promotions as WINNER?
Seunghoon: I don’t feel like I became a celebrity yet. When I go to the broadcast station, I feel like I just went there to tour the place. Today, we went to film our first variety show <Weekly Idol> and it was fascinating to see Jung Hyungdon saying jokes right in front of my eyes.

What did you pay the most attention to while preparing for the debut album?
Seunghoon: Trying to find WINNER’s color was the hardest part since we had to be different in some way from YG singers and previous boy groups. Wherever we go, we get asked, “How are you different from Big Bang?”
Jinwoo: It’s really hard to answer those questions. It’s not like our talent is as good as that of Big Bang yet.
Seunghoon: Our company set us the direction of our image to be luxurious/elegant but we will probably get to add our colors as we continue to promote.

How did you initially set your dream to become an artist?
Jinwoo: When I was in senior year of high school, I was interested in acting and went to acting academy. Before that, I didn’t really have a specific goal nor did I go to academies for a long period of time. But my feet headed to the acting academy before I knew it. It surprised myself, too. Soon, through a person I knew, I became a YG trainee after non-public YG audition.
Seunghoon: I think I had “the talent”. I liked dancing and being on stage since I was young. Then I came to Seoul with couple of my friends when I was 18 year old, just because we thought we should start somewhere. There wasn’t really a solid purpose/goal when I decided be on <KPOP Star Season 1>. Rather, it was a challenge for myself.

When you got asked to be a YG trainee after the program was over, did you accept it with no hesitation?
Seunghoon: It was a “thank you” for me. YG was a company that I wanted to be part of even as a dancer or a choreographer. They asked me if I wanted to become a dancer or a singer. I said I wanted to become a singer if you thankfully give me the opportunity to choose. When I went into YG, the CEO said, “Put this kid into Seungyoon’s team to practice.” Since that team didn’t have a dancer yet, I had a specific position in the team thus I was able to adapt quickly.

Jinwoo was the member who spent the longest time as a YG trainee.
Jinwoo: I think I developed my talents and changed a lot because of that. I used to be very shy and be not able to talk well and be embarrassed to stand in front of people. There are things that the company taught me directly but there are many that I learned on my own as I wanted to survive as a trainee. Of course, I once ran away when things got tough. But I went back in about half a day, crying, after receiving a call from the company.
Seunghoon: Are we only going to talk about the past?

Then shall we talk about dating? First love? Ideal type?
Jinwoo: My first love happened during my third year of middle school (*9th grade). I’m the type of person who fall deeply once dating starts. I have to change my dating style but since I’m not dating anyone, I don’t have a chance to change it. My ideal type is a kind person who only likes me. I think I would like someone who is bright and someone who can lead me would be nice too.
Seunghoon: I don’t have much dating experiences to brag about. I easily forget things, too. There were situations where I can’t remember my ex-girlfriend’s name. I tend to quickly let go of bad happenings. A girl who has a solid goal for the things she wants to do and a person who is not pretentious. I think a person who has similar values to that of mine would be nice but that doesn’t mean who doesn’t share similar thoughts are not my ideal type. I think I could meet anyone.

Favorite hobby?
Jinwoo: I found myself relieving stress by playing games or watching variety shows. As I focus on one thing at a time like that, I don’t think about other stuff.
Seunghoon: I like meeting up with my best friends and talking with them. I have friends who I met in high school and grew up together as we danced together and influenced each other.

WINNER members showed very elegant looks on stage. How are your fashion styles off stage?
Seunghoon: If I think about it now, it’s very childish but I used to be the very first one to wear ripped jeans and have chains around my waist in school. To be honest, I wouldn’t have paid attention to fashion if my ‘face’ was outstanding. It’s my lacking face that brought me to have interest in clothes and look for other various charms. I used to like street fashion but now I like simple styles or vintage without much specific preference. Unless they are expensive.
Jinwoo: I used to have no interest in fashion and used to just buy and wear what sales clerk recommended at the store. I feel like I’m getting to know about what looks good or bad on me as members influence me with their looks.
Seunghoon: Once, we went to the store that Jinwoo hyung usually go to and I almost blew up out of frustration because the sales clerk kept recommending weird clothes for him.
Jinwoo: Haha, I will never go to that store again.

Did a lot of things in life change after becoming WINNER?
Jinwoo: I thought I would never be able to ride an airplane. Even the school trip to Jeju Island was by boat. It was my first time flying on an airplane to be performing as a guest for the ‘Big Bang 6th Dome Tour’.  And I’m even drinking this $10 coffee right now!
Seunghoon: Writing ‘singer’ on arrival cards or custom declaration forms with confidence is definitely something that changed. I used to write whatever I wanted when I was a trainee. I would write ‘adventurer’ or ‘freelance writer’, ‘novelist’, ‘poet’, etc. because I was writing raps at that time. There was no definite word to describe Lee Seunghoon, but now I have a title: WINNER.

How was Jinwoo’s birthday (Sept. 26th) for the first time as WINNER?
Jinwoo: It was the day of the Japan Tour Concert when members and the fans gave me a surprise birthday party on stage. It was my very first time where many people wished me happy birthday like that. Members gave me presents, too. But we decided not to give each other presents starting next year. (laughs)

Jinwoo and Seunghoon, how do you guys think of each other?
Jinwoo: I fit well with Seunghoon. Although he’s the one who usually steps forward to try to arrange things like hyung, he is the one with most delicate heart compare to other three members if you get to know him enough.
Seunghoon: Jinwoo hyung is the most innocent person I’ve met in Seoul. He’s the one who accept things with the most open-mindedness. Even though YG can be considered as a society/community where a person with no talent, skill or looks cannot be part of, Jinwoo hyung seems like a friend who I met in school or around my neighborhood.

How do you feel about achieving every rookie idol’s dream: winning number one on music programs?
Seunghoon: We were bewildered to win as soon as we debut. It was a result that we could have not expected.

It looks like you guys already have international fans. <ELLE> twitter account was on fire when we announced about the WINNER project.
Seunghoon: Because there’s YouTube! I feel like debuting from a good company definitely allowed us to benefit from sunbaenims (*seniors). Before our official debut, we performed as guests on Big Bang sunbaenim’s and 2NE1 sunbaenim’s stages overseas. We also got a chance to perform in front of 50,000 audiences, an unbelievable number, at ‘Tokyo Dome’ stage. Just the fact that we’re going to new places, eating unfamiliar food, and gaining experiences is a pleasure and a source of energy for promoting.

Isn’t it a fast start?
Seunghoon: Our company invested so much for us, from ‘WINNER week’ to Launching Show’, so it would be a big problem if we don’t do at least this much. We don’t think we are that popular just yet. What happens in the future would be more important.
Jinwoo: I want to do well so that we can earn the Rookie Award at the end of the year music awards. Can we earn that award?


1. Meaning of your name?
SY: “Rising high” Seung, “Enriching” Yoon. It means to rise high to be enriching.
JW: “Qin dynasty” Jin, “King” Woo = King of a country
SH: Joining a civil service to do the meritorious deeds
MH: Widely spread the goodness
TH: King

2. Where were you born?
SY: Busan
JW: South Jeolla Province, Yeongyang County
SH: Busan
MH: Seongnam
TH: Seoul

3. Blood type?

4. Horoscope?
SY: Aquarius
JW: Libra
SH: Capricorn
MH: Aries
TH: Taurus

5. Frequently ridden bus number (or subway line)?
SY: Bus 100-1
JW: Bus #2
SH: Bus #99 towards Seomyeon (Busan)
MH: #5003, Line 2
TH: Bus #341, Line 2

6. Frequently ordered menu coffee shop?
SY: Vanilla Latte
JW: Fruit juices. (Apple juice!)
SH: Espresso Frappuccino + whipping cream
MH: Iced Americano with an extra shot
TH: Green Tea Frapp

7. For eggs - Scrambled? Soft-boiled? Hard-boiled? Fried?
SY: Soft-boiled
JW: Soft-boiled
SH: Fully cooked fried!
MH: Fried
TH: Scrambled egg

8. God (*Catholic)? God (*Christian)? Buddha?
SY: God (*Catholic)
JW: God (*Christian)
MH: G.o.d!! (*Christian)
TH: Atheist

9. Items in your bag right now?
SY: Notebook for composing songs, pen, earphones, iPod, wallet, pouch, hand-cream, nail clipper
JW: Ring, Wallet
SH: Toothpaste and toothbrush
MH: Sketchbook, laptop, pencil case, charger
TH: Camera, speaker, earphones

10. Frequently used smartphone application?
SY: Power Cam
JW: Beat
SH: Alarm application
MH: KaTalk (*KakaoTalk)
TH: Radio

11. Regularly visited website?
SY: Naver
JW: Naver
SH: webtoon
MH: DCtribe
TH: American “style. com”

12. A game that you were once (or currently) addicted to?
SY: -pass-
JW: Seal Online
SH: Aku’s Puzzle Family (*for Kakao)
MH: GetAmped
TH: <The Kingdom of the Winds>

13. Favorite storybook?
SY: <Hansel and Gretel>
JW: <Cinderella>
SH: <Charlie and the Chocolate Factory>
MH: <Heungbu and Nolbu>
TH: <The Little Match Girl>

14. Movie/drama that deeply impressed you?
SY: I enjoyed watching the recent drama, <It’s Okay, That’s Love>. For movie, <One Day>
JW: <Notebook> <Rosy Life>
SH: <Greek and Roman Mythology in Cartooon> (*Korean animated series)
MH: <Temple Grandin> / <Heo Jun>
TH: <Leon>

15. Favorite day of the week?
SY: Monday
JW: Friday
SH: Friday. Seems like something fun will happen
MH: Sunday
TH: Saturday, Sunday

16. Favorite and least favorite season?
SY: I like spring/autumn and don’t really have a season I do not like
JW: Autumn/Spring
SH: Winter. It’s cozy to wear many layers. Summer. I don’t want to go outside because it’s hot.
MH: Spring / between seasons
TH: I do not like summer, I like autumn and winter

17. TV program that you enjoy watching?
SY: -pass-
JW: Variety shows <Running Man> <Infinite Challenge> <Happy Together> <We Got Married> <I Live Alone> <Law of the Jungle> <2 Days & 1 Night> <Real Men>
SH: only “Infinite Challenge”
MH: <Infinite Challenge>
TH: none

18. Mountain or Sea?
SY: Sea
JW: Sea
SH: Sea
MH: Mountain
TH: Mountain

19. Rice or Bread?
SY: Rice
JW: Rice
SH: Rice
MH: Rice
TH: Rice

20. Soccer or Baseball?
SY: Soccer
JW: Soccer
SH: Soccer
MH: Basketball
TH: Soccer

21. Dog or Cat?
SY: Cat
JW: Dog
SH: Dog
MH: Cat (I really like dogs but…allergies…ㅠㅠ)
TH: Dog

22. Batman or Iron Man?
SY: Iron Man
JW: Iron Man
SH: Iron Man
MH: Iron Man!!
TH: Iron Man

23. Lee Gukjoo or Ahn Youngmi? (*Korean female comedians)
SY: Lee Gukjoo
JW: Lee Gukjoo
SH: Ahn Youngmi
MH: Ahn Youngmi
TH: -pass-

24. Shin Dongyup or Yoo Jaesuk? (*Korean male comedians)
SY: Yoo Jaesuk
JW: Yoo Jaesuk
SH: Yoo Jaesuk
MH: Yoo Jaesuk
TH: I like both of them

25. Tough guy or Romanticist?
SY: Romanticist
JW: Romanticist
SH: Tough guy
MH: Romanticist
TH: Romantic tough guy

26. Kind woman or Sexy woman?
SY: Kind and sexy woman
JW: Kind woman
SH: Sexy woman
MH: Funny woman
TH: Kind and sexy woman

27. What do you look for in a woman at first?
SY: Body proportion
JW: Face
SH: Style
MH: Teeth
TH: Overall harmony

28. New York or London or Paris?
SY: London
JW: Paris
SH: New York
MH: Paris
TH: Paris

29. First R-rated movie?
SY: I can’t remember
JW: “Friend”
SH: “The Man from Nowhere”
MH: I can’t remember… it’s been so long…
TH: “Leon”

30. When you read a magazine - Photo shoots or Articles?
SY: Photo shoots
JW: Photo shoots
SH: Photo shoots
MH: Photo shoots
TH: Photo shoots

31. “The coolest man I’ve ever met” is…
JW: Kim Jinwoo (me)
SH: Big Bang
MH: Dad
TH: CEO Yang

32. “My lifetime book”?
SY: <Harry Pottery> series
JW: 잡담이 능력이다 (*direct translation of the title → “Small Talk is a Skill”)
SH: “Harry Potter”
MH: <서울 시> (*direct translation of the title → “Seoul Poem”
TH: <The Old Man and The Sea>

33. Older? Younger?
SY: Older
JW: Older
SH: Older
MH: Older
TH: Older

34. “This type of woman is a little…” (*not favorable)
SY: Woman who doesn’t do anything, Woman who does not know how to take care of herself
JW: Pretentious woman!
SH: Woman with harsh words
MH: Woman without sense of humor
TH: Woman who’s good at lying

35. “This type of woman is ‘Wow!’”
SY: A woman with unique, funny and cool lifestyle
JW: Pretty, kind and nice woman
SH: Woman who touch my heart
MH: Woman who can take care of her family members and people around her more than herself
TH: Woman who I won’t get tired of, Woman who share the same interest in music and arts

36. Most comfortable / favorite place inside YG building?
SY: Artist studio on the 3rd floor
JW: 3rd floor
SH: B1, practice room
MH: 3rd floor sofa
TH: -pass-

37. Place you would like to avoid inside YG building?
SY: 7th floor, CEO room
JW: 7th floor
SH: 7th floor
MH: 7…
TH: Elevator

38. Favorite menu/side dish at YG cafeteria?
SY: Jaeyook Bokum (*Spicy Pork and Kimchi Stirfry)
JW: Jaeyook Bokum (*Spicy Pork and Kimchi Stirfry)
SH: Korean Pork Belly specialties
MH: Jaeyook
TH: Jaeyook

39. A person you would like to invite to your dorm?
SY: I don’t really want to invite anyone since it’s a space I share with members.
SH: Topography fortune teller (*?)
MH: Hyuntae, Pyoji
TH: Parents

40. “I am #1 at…”
SY: I’m #1 for being skinny!
JW: Eye size
SH: Erasing memories
MH: Math, at the back
TH: Charm

41. Always worried about?
SY: What should I do to make better music?
JW: Relationship
SH: What should I wear tomorrow
MH: Ah… why did I eat that…
TH: How do I overcome my laziness

42. A person you’d like to see right now?
SY: My future wife
JW: Choi Jinsil (*Korean actress who passed away in 2008)
SH: Friends from Busan Dance Team, “Upright Kids”
MH: Dana
TH: My future self

43. “To me, Seo Taiji & Boys means…”
SY: The reason my current self exist
JW: The “divine move”
SH: Boys are my CEO
MH: Legend and myth
TH: Meaningful group that Yang Hyunsuk CEO used to be part of

44. Fanboy of who when you were young?
JW: Choi Jinsil (*Korean actress who passed away in 2008)
TH: Park Hyoshin

45. To whom did you say, “I love you” recently?
SY: My friend!
JW: Nobody. ㅠㅠ
SH: Fans
MH: Mom
TH: Fans

46. An adjective you would like add in front of WINNER?
SY: A group that has everything?
JW: “Always succeeding (in whatever they do)” WINNER
SH: Respective (*courteous, civil)
MH: Unconquerable
TH: Genuine/sincere

47. Favorite lunch menu?
SY: Nasi Goreng (*Indonesian Fried Rice)
JW: Pasta
SH: Gorgonzola pasta
MH: Korean food
TH: Korean food

48. Food you do not like/cannot eat?
SY: Nothing
JW: Lotus roots (*simmered, Korean style)
SH: Oyster
MH: Raw oyster
TH: Walnut

49. Your playlist’s #1 song?
SY: The songs that I am making currently!
JW: G-dragon’s “Crooked”
SH: Lost Stars, Adam Levine
TH: Recently, I’ve been listening to Pink Martini’s songs

50. “An animal that I think I resemble”? (In what way?)
SY: A puppy (I heard many people saying I look like a puppy)
JW: A puppy (my facial features)
SH: Giraffe, I have a long neck
MH: Black Bear (I heard a lot)
TH: Alpaca (Fans say I look like one)

51. Part of your body that you’re most confident in?
SY: Pubic bone
JW: Eyes, nose, lips
SH: Collarbone
MH: Collarbone
TH: Entire body

52. Phrase of WINNER’s song lyrics that touched you the most?
SY: I’m Just Different, I’m different from the type of guy you want
JW: Part of “Empty”, “It’s over, my love. Where are you~” (As if I can’t find another love…)
SH: Bridge part of WINNER’s ‘Color Ring’
MH: I’ll stay the same (*from ‘Different’)
TH: Like the beautiful stories in song lyrics just the two of us (*from ‘Confession’)

53. Female celebrity who closely resemble your ideal type?
SY: Hmm… Ann Hathaway? Rachel McAdams?
JW: Keiko Kitagawa
SH: Soo Hyun. Noona that appears on <Avengers 2>
MH: -pass-
TH: -pass-

54. What do you do before bed?
SY: Listen to music
JW: I always fall asleep while watching drama or variety shows
SH: Setting alarm for tomorrow
MH: Prayer
TH: Candles, perfumes, music

55. Moments that make you happy these days?
SY: When I’m on stage
JW: When I’m meeting with fans
SH: When fans are making happy faces as they watch us
MH: Encountering something new single day
TH: When things work out well

56. Photo shoot concept that you would like to try?
SY: Funky and funny
JW: Psychopath (two-sided) (neither a man nor a woman)
SH: With wild animals
MH: Ganster
TH: -pass-

57. Life’s mentor?
SY: Our company’s producer hyungs
JW: Choi Jinsil
SH: CEO Yang
MH: Dad
TH: Mom

58. Which member has a charm that you would like to be alike to?
SY: Taehyun’s honesty
JW: Nam Taehyun’s infinite charms
SH: Song Minho. He is good at voice imitations
MH: Seunghoon hyung’s wit
TH: -pass-

59. Favorite color?
SY: Black, Red
JW: White
SH: Green that symbolizes hope
MH: Black, Gold
TH: Achromatic colors, Purple

60. If you had to make a nickname for yourself?
SY: Hmm… I can’t think of one
JW: -pass-
SH: Baby lion
TH: Boyfriend

61. Rookie of the Year award speech?
SY: Wouldn’t I be giving thanks to thankful people?
JW: Thank you for giving us an award that a person can receive only once. We will always work with a rookie mindset. ㅋㅋ
SH: I believe in Seungyoon to speak well
MH: Thank you God for guiding me to receive this award. CEO Yang Hyunsuk, who gave us this opportunity and believed in us, thank you and lov…
TH: -pass-

62. How you saved members’ names in your phone contacts?
SY: Seunghoon hyung, Jinwoo hyung, MINO, Nam Eunsang
JW: There’s “Let’s have fun” in front of their names. ex) Let’s have fun Seunghoon
SH: Full names
MH: Weird hyung, Leader dude, Maknae dude, Jinwoo-sang
TH: Full names

63. Country or a city you would like to visit?
SY: London, England
JW: Paris, France
SH: A place where emerald sea is
MH: France
TH: Peru (Cusco)

64. Drinking, sleeping habits?
SY: If I’m drunk to the point where I cannot control myself anymore, I tend to apologize to the people around me.
JW: -pass-
SH: I sleep when I drink
MH: Sleep/Nothing in particular
TH: I sleep talk a lot. I shoot guns while I’m sleeping

65. “My own stress reducing method” is…
SY: Composing songs, chatting, Deep Talk, Listening to music, watching a movie
JW: I play games or watch dramas
SH: Touring famous restaurants
MH: Talking loudly with my friends
TH: I scream

66. TV show you would like to appear on?
SY: <Healing Camp>
JW: Running Man
MH: <Running Man> <Roommate>
TH: <Healing Camp>

67. Something interesting that you are hooked to these days?
SY: Music composition
JW: Fashion
SH: Studying Japanese
MH: Drawing
TH: Book

68.Width of your lips?
SY: 2.5-3cm
JW: Normal
SH: 2cm
MH: I don’t know…
TH: -pass-

69. Favorite sea food?
SY: I can eat all sea food well!
JW: Blue crab
SH: Shrimp!
MH: Mackerel, shrimp, squid, belt-fish
TH: -pass-

70. What do you do during standby?
SY: Compose!
JW: I catch up on dramas or variety shows
SH: Song Minho’s talent show time
MH: Working on the next album, drawing
TH: Listening to music

71. A musician you were affected by?
SY: Company’s seniors and artists overseas
JW: G-dragon, Justin Timberlake
SH: Psy hyung
MH: Young Jeezy, MAYDAY, AUDIO PUSH, …
TH: Too many

72. Fashion style you pursue?
SY: Variety of styles! I always wear different styles of clothes everyday!
JW: Simple
SH: Style that makes me want to copy
MH: Point, mix
TH: Formal. I like clothes with fabrics that suit me

73. WINNER after a year?
JW: I think that we would be WINNER who have grown a little bit than current selves.
SH: WINNER, no longer a rookie!
MH: Kim Jinwoo, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon, Kang Seungyoon. Ultimate showy strong friendship YapYap!
TH: Super star. I hope we’ve grown like Big Bang sunbaenims

74. WINNER after 10 years?
JW: We will work hard to be together
SH: It makes me sad to think about it
MH: In our 30s…
TH: I would like us to be WINNER that makes good music like the Beatles

75. A member who has a closet of your desire?
SY: I’m satisfied with my own closet
JW: Stylists office
SH: Taehyun’s. He has a lot of expensive and high quality clothes
MH: Seungyoon
TH: Me

76. A must-have beauty item?
SY: Skin toner, moisture cream, sunscreen, perfume
JW: Lip Balm
SH: Toothbrush, toothpaste
MH: Hat
TH: Perfume

77. Frequently used word expression?
SY: I’ve never thought about it
JW: Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~
SH: Hyung!
MH: Never did I think about it
TH: -pass-

78. “My life’s best present”?
SY: Title of ‘WINNER’!
JW: <WIN> program
SH: A first aid kit with sticky notes on each medicine from a fan
TH: Zippo Lighter that my mom gave me as a present when I turned 20

79. Your reaction when you see your ideal-type?
SY: I actively approach her.
JW: It becomes really obvious and I tend to not know what to do~
SH: I’m no longer funny (*become serious)
MH: Greetings
TH: I make it obvious

80. Most afraid of?
SY: Not being able to do anything or if there’s nothing I can do
JW: Being the first person to do something, whatever it is
SH: Changing people around me as we become more successful
MH: People around me leaving
TH: What if I become a slave to money?

81. Most regretful thing about yourself?
SY: Working too much?
JW: Confidence ㅠㅠ
SH: Sensitive skin
MH: I have poor concentration
TH: -pass-

82. Favorite photographer (or a designer, artist, musicians)?
SY: One Republic, Muse, Maroon 5, Gym Class Heroes, Alter Bridge
JW: Tom Brown, Saint Laurent, G-dragon, Beyonce
SH: Photographer AZD CHUNG
MH: Egon Schiele (*Painter)
TH: JDZ CHUNG (close photographer hyung)

83. A talent you would like to have?
SY: “Talent” that can make women like me even if I don’t do anything?
JW: Talking skills
SH: Amazing foreign language skills
MH: Excellent memory
TH: Ability to control anger

84. “If I can change just one thing…”?
SY: World’s prejudice
JW: Cellphone
SH: Bank account balance
MH: Enlarge my hand size
TH: I would like a change a world a little bit

85. Favorite career?
SY: Artist?
JW: Singer, Actor
SH: Professionals
MH: My job
TH: Artist

86. “My uniqueness is…”?
SY: My distinct individuality! My everything.
JW: Innocence? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
SH: Uniqueness overflowing face
MH: (I heard) happy virus
TH: …in me somewhere. Something that I cannot explain with words.

87. A moment you always regret about?
SY: Because I know that I will learn something from every situation after that moment pass, I don’t really have a moment that I regret about.
JW: Moments when I’m not worrying about it
SH: Going to regularly visited meat restaurant past midnight
MH: After eating late at night
TH: After getting mad

88. Something you’re collecting?
SY: Clothes, guitars
JW: Money
SH: Fan letters
MH: Popularity? Money? Fan’s love!
TH: Perfumes, books

89. Soju? Beer? Western liquors?
SY: Beer
JW: Western liquors
SH: Yakult
MH: All of them
TH: -pass-

90. Drinking capacity?
SY: I don’t really know but I don’t think it’s that strong
JW: Just enough to not lose
SH: Totally weak
MH: It depends on my condition. Normally, two bottles~
TH: Quite a lot

91. Your shoulder length?
SY: I don’t know. I never measured it.
JW: They’re not narrow~
SH: Man-like!
MH: I do not know
TH: Decent

92. How you reduce stress?
SY: It’s a question that I answered to earlier
JW: -pass-
SH: I eat meat.
MH: I think I already answered this…
TH: I yell

93. TV show you would like to appear on?
SY: <Healing Camp>
JW: -pass-
SH: SSF (Saturday Saturday is Fun)
MH: Radio Star?
TH: <Truman Show>

94. “I will buy it someday” - What?
SY: House. My own house.
JW: A building
SH: Expensive sedan
MH: House
TH: Winning favor of everyone around the world

95. Which one first when listening to music - Melody? Lyrics? Rhythm? Rap?
SY: Melody and lyrics
JW: Melody
SH: Rhythm ‘Exciting Rhythm’
MH: Feeling
TH: Melody, lyrics

96.Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane vs. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci?
SY: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
JW: Saint Laurent
SH: Riccardo Tisci
MH: Saint Laurent
TH: Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Cartier

97. Hug or Back-hug? To give or To receive?
SY: Giving hugs
JW: I like them both <3
SH: Giving hugs~
MH: Giving hugs
TH: Giving hugs

98. Excellent scene of - Sight? Smell? Touch? Taste?
SY: Hearing
JW: Touch
SH: Taste. Ripe persimmon taste like ripe persimmon
MH: Smell
TH: All scenes. Exceptionally.

99. Your smartphone wallpaper?
SY: “Don’t Flirt” concept photo
JW: WINNER logo ㅋㅋ
SH: Default wallpaper
MH: Monet’s ‘Woman with a Parasol’
TH: Default

100. “Best breakaway in my life”?
SY: I don’t think I have one yet… Best breakaway in my life…
JW: Being alone at the Han River…
SH: I cannot say it until I die
MH: My only breakaway from this hectic world is on stage…hoot…
TH: Please look forward to it!

fy-winner (translations by @timthemine & Katie/Dawon @fy-winner)

this is really long
Tags: interview, magazine, winner, yg entertainment
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