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Canadian teacher facing nightmare in South Korea

t is a warning for young people going overseas to teach English, not to expect the same rights often taken for granted here.

A Canadian woman sexually assaulted in South Korea has learned she could face charges for testifying in court.

The woman — whose identity is being protected — was attacked last year.

The man charged was known to police — accused in a number of other attacks.

She was followed walking home from work, that part, caught on video surveillance.

“And then he came inside my apartment building and sexually assaulted me.”

She reported it to police.

“They caught him, soon after, in a different neighbourhood, preying on a different female.”

She says the suspect was known to police – a wealthy professional with half dozen other victims.

“His family started coming to my apartment building, because in Korea you are allowed to bribe the accuser not to press charges.”

She wouldn’t take the money, the case went to trial, and she won.

But , it was thrown out on appeal.

“The first trial, I won the first trial…and then during the second trial, he won…and he won because it came out that the original police report didn’t say that I was raped.”

After all of that, when she was finally, able to move on, a bombshell…

“I decided after that point just to close that chapter in my life and move on, and then this just reopened everything, all over again.”

The man she accused is going after her in court.

”He is now trying to press criminal charges against me, so I have to speak to the police officers. I’ve spoken to them once. He’s trying to charge me with false accusation and perjury, basically lying on the stand.”

On top of the stress of facing jail time — she’s now saddled with the prospect of legal fees.

Although she’s worried about the possibility of jail time and expensive legal fees, she wants to stay in Korea, a country she has called home for six years.

Friends have set up an online fundraising page to help her with legal costs.

Reminds me of the case of the Norwegian woman in the Emirates who was arrested for adultery after reporting a rape...smdh at the police and the fact that this man is even allowed to do this
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