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4Minute leakout from.... VENEZEULA?!

4Minute’s 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ has been leaked online.

The album is set to be released on 31st Augsut but on 28th August it was leaked out online. It was said that the album was first leaked out from Venezuela via Youtube.

Cube Entertainment said in an interview on 28th August, “The album was leaked out on 28th August, following the IP address of the first leakout, it started from Venezuela. We are in a very flustered state.”

The album is leaked in full 3 days before the official release. So for the sake, the album was revealed officially online.

The company is also discussing plans from now and tracking down the leakout.

The girls will promote the title song ‘Muzik’ from the album from 3rd week of August.

Source: sookyeong

LMFAO WHAT. You can hear the album here and view their concept pictures here

~Are you jealous of every little thing about my style
But you can’t copy me so carelessly~
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