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Cheese in the Trap webtoon to be turned into a drama!

Popular webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” will be made into a drama.

Drama production company Eight Works announced that the script for “Cheese in the Trap” is currently in the works with a famous drama screenwriter, and that they will start casting shortly.

“Cheese in the Trap” is a popular webtoon that has been serialized on Naver since 2010. The webtoon has also been very popular with international audiences. It delves into relationships between normal university students in interesting ways.

Eight Works also announced, “We were surprised that multiple actors contacted us, voicing their wish to be in the adaptation. The casting has yet to be confirmed, and we are going to be trying our best to please the fans of the original series.”

Eight Works is most known for producing popular cable drama “God’s Quiz.”

[+26859, -266] Don’t use idols….

[+22283, -105] They really have to cast each and every role well…especially Yoo Jung.

[+18441, -238] First of all, don’t use any idols.

[+16194, -1236] There will 100% be at least one SM idol inserted into this drama.

[+13343, -126] It’s still being published serially, but they are doing a drama? I guess they’re gonna make up their own ending.

[+2913, -88] Absolutely do not give the role of Hong Sul to Park Shin Hye.

[+2787, -44] Don’t use Lee Yeon Hee……..

[+2180, -16] Hul, daebak.. they just need to cast the roles well..if only Kang Dong Won was 5 years younger..ㅋㅋㅜ

[+2137, -90] Ah…I just have a feeling that YoonA will get the role of Hong Sul…Please don’t.

[+1975, -21] There are no easy roles and there is no role that an idol will be able to portay well. Please use actors…

[+1098, -13] You’re screwed if you use idols……..visuals are important for Cheese in the Trap, but they must be able to act…
source: soompi, naver, onehallyu

part of me doesn't want this to happen but... kang ha neul for yoo jung sunbae!
Tags: culture, drama

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