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4. Email omonamods@gmail.com for inquiries, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for updates!
5. Share some candy!!!!!!!

What are your plans/ what did you do for halloween???
Scary stories??? We want to hear them!
Favourite halloween memories?????

hisjulliet has a giveway!!!!!!! You'll want to win this!
[Here for more!]

In honor of Halloween, I want to give away my ~brand new Hannibal Season 1 DVD~ to a lucky Omonaian! :D

If you want to know what the DVD looks like, it looks like this:

Da Rules:

  • Be willing to give me your shipping address.

  • Be a Shawol (nah I'm just kidding).

  • Answer one of my riddles correctly.

You heard right y'all, a riddle. I'm taking a different direction with this give-away and have made a couple riddles to see if any of you can answer them. I just thought it would add a little more fun to the give-away (Okay maybe not, but if you answer one correct, you will get a free season of a tv show and that's worth it right?!).

Da second set of rules:

  • Read one or both riddles.

  • IMPORTANT: YOU CAN ONLY PUT DOWN ONE GUESS FOR ONE RIDDLE, so pick the riddle you think you have the highest chance of winning and post your guess for that riddle in the comment section below. (Ex: "Riddle #1, is the answer __?", "Riddle #2: my guess is ___", etc)

  • I will read all your guesses asap, and inform each of you if your guess is correct or not.

  • ALSO IMPORTANT: The first member who guesses ONE of the riddles correctly is the winner of the give-away.

  • If two members guess the same riddle correctly around the same time, the member who put down the correct guess the fastest will be the winner.

  • This give-away ends on Sunday November 2 (if a riddle hasn't been guessed right by that time). If you have won and you do not respond to me within a week time, the member who guessed one of the two riddles correctly the second fastest will be the winner of the give-away instead.

  • But if none of y'all can answer the riddles, I’ll just do a random number generator and pick a winner like that. Your number will be your comment position.

Good luck, happy guessing and Happy Halloween!

Here are the riddles (a hint: the answers to both riddles are non-Asian TV Shows).

Riddle #1:

Oh this show,
how I love thee
With its quirks and bumps and all in between
Though it is not known worldwide
I will say this,
all the character' feelings are so worldwide, you will want to hit everyone with your fist
I'm serious, you will
(want to bitch slap everyone in sight)
But wait, look around you, and you will see that the characters and us are so very much alike
Yes it still has clichés, like all shows do
but with this show you will see
that it shares the best and worst out of you and me
It deals in taboo topics
in most societies today
but that's why i love it, there's nothing more to say
Though it's uncomfortable to watch sometimes
you may cry here and there and throw a fit
but give it a try, you most likely won't regret it

Riddle #2:

This show is seen by millions,
but mostly by old people have to say
maybe it's the most interesting thing they do now....anyway
not me though, i'm young and free
but back in the day, this show made a hell of a fool out of me
oh how they disappointed me that day
i'll be forever bitter
but at least they still talk about her
 i still like watching the show though
and enjoy the action, comedy and suspense
because it really is a great show, even with its past mess
the two main leads are an interesting pair
one of them has a nice voice and the other is kinda hot
but sadly the one with the nice voice though, hot he is not
how i love and hate the dear creators of this show
they have put a lot of thought into it
when i watched the first episode, i had to watch and sit
it caught my attention right away
with its strong female characters and non-human presence
i don't know if you'll watch it now, but i gave you my 2 cents

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