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Lee Junki, Kim Ha Neul, Song Hye Gyo, Han Hyo Joo [photo shoots]

Lee Junki for GQ Taiwan

totally copying g-dragon omg!!!11

Actress Kim Ha Neul recently did a photo shoot for makeup company CLIO and their ’09 Fall/Winter makeup line.

The people behind CLIO’s ’09 Fall/Winter makeup line expressed that Kim Ha Neul has excellent skin and they said CLIO’s new Fall/Winter line matches perfectly with Ha Neul’s already glamorous looks. They went on to say that CLIO’s Fall/Winter line in fact brings out Kim Ha Neul’s beauty to its fullest potential and they couldn’t think of anybody better to represent their new makeup line.

The photo shoots just keep on coming for Song Hye Gyo these days. Just this month alone she had photo shoots for Levi's Lady and Laneige lipstick, then another photo session with High Cut, and now she poses for the September issue of Vogue!

this is just creepy

Han Hyo Joo recently did a photo shoot for the September issue of Vogue Girl where she sports a new look with a rock chick, lolita image.

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