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YG's UNIQ sings and speaks Mandarin better than SM's EXO-M

The above is the Chinese music video for "Falling in Love". To compare, this is the Korean version.

And below is a short 20 second clip of all five members - including the two Korean members! (See if you can tell which two are Korean after you hear them speak, I'll provide the answer after the video) - speaking Mandarin to introduce their new fanclub website.

Highlight for the answer of the two Korean members: Top row far right (Sungjoo) and bottom row left (Seungyeon). Did you get it right?

Top row (L-R): Yixuan, Yibo, Sungjoo
Bottom row (L-R): Seungyeon, Wenhan

I wrote a profile page for them here if you want to learn more about the members.

Sources: UNIQ GLOBAL, UNIQ Brasil

I think they were only trained by YG, but not managed by them in any way. They're managed by Dragon Music for their Korean activities, and managed by Yuehua for their upcoming Chinese activities.

But anyway, I am so impressed by their Mandarin. SM needs to step it up and stop dragging (what's left of) their EXO-M members out from their Beijing dorms and have them fully immersed in Chinese culture if they really want a piece of the Chinese market.
Tags: nugu, yg entertainment
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