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Is Amber the Perfect Boyfriend?

With f(x)’s debut fast approaching, it seems that netizens have gone into overdrive attempting to find out as much about the group members as possible. Thanks to their Sherlock Holmes level snooping, we now have a better picture of the group member netizens have become so intrigued by.

Amber, the group’s androgynous 17 year old Chinese-American member is said to hail from Orange County California and was selected from an SM Entertainment global casting call in 2007. Since her arrival in Korea, Amber has established herself as a favorite among “Noonies”. The name comes from the response of “Noonas” (a boy’s elder sister) mistaking Amber for a boy at first; then later realizing that she is a girl and addressing themselves as “Unnies” (a girl’s elder sister).

It has been revealed that Noonies go to great lengths to learn more about her. A female clerk noonie purposefully made mistakes with Amber’s store purchase in order to coerce the girl to talk to her.

  • Noonies have asked Amber her blood type, which happens to be B.
  • They know that Amber, like her boyish persona, demonstrates what they feel are masculine qualities.
  • If Amber sees a girl holding something heavy, she will insist on carrying it herself.
  • When walking across the street, she checks for cars then leads her companions across the street gently by their arms.
  • She has often been seen walking around Seoul with Korean-American member Krystal (15) while speaking English; and was often mistaken for Krystal’s boyfriend because of her appearance.
  • She currently shares a dorm room with Korean member Sulli (15) and Chinese member Victoria (22)
  • She and Krystal have a brotherly relationship and like to joke around
  • One day when Victoria was sick, Amber was spotted entering the dorm with one arm wrapped around her while carrying multiple bags in the other.

    Thanks Nosey Noonies!


    Please tell me that I'm not the only who cannot stand Seoulbeat's English.

    Not into SM artistes but I'm impressed by what I've read so far of her. :)

    And apparently, I've read from somewhere that f(x) stands for flower(x). 'Flower' for girls/women, and 'x' is like how you use it in algebra.

    Edit: Title's taken from the source, by the way :)
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