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SISTAR’s Soyou Worked Part Time Since Middle School to Pay for Dates

SISTAR’s Soyou revealed how she paid for her dates when she was a teenager.

During JTBC’s Children, The Life’s Greatest Blessing set to air on November 4, Soyou held a discussion on the topic of dating expense with the teenage guests.

MC Jeon Hyun Moo said, “Where do the teenagers usually have dates these days?” and the teenage guests answered cafes, movie theatres and restaurants.

Soyou asked, “I wonder how teenagers afford to pay for their dates,” and shared, “I’m very money-conscious so I always went to cheap restaurants or bunsik places when I was a teenager. But students these days go to family restaurants or pasta places. I’m shocked since they are quite expensive.”

She advised, “I worked part time since I was a second year student in middle school. I realized the value of money early on since I made my own allowance. I hope that students will go to bunsik places instead of family restaurants so they can make many memories that they can make only at that age.”

Upon hearing Soyou, Kang Yon Suk commented, “She sounds like my mom,” causing laugher.
source: mwave
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