do the necronomicon (byeolbyeol) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
do the necronomicon

it's a (late) halloween @ smtown

so, smtown had another halloween party earlier today and people actually went out of their way to dress up. (also, it's boa's birthday.)

boa + chanyeol (x2) ► boa, lee yeon hee, heechul + go ara ► boa + lee soo man

tao ► chanyeol + heechul ► chanyeol ► chanyeol + xiumin ► chanyeol + baekhyun

tao + zhou mi ► zhou mi + heechul ► zhou mi + red velvet ► zhou mi + luna

minho + yuri ► seohyun (x2) ► seohyun, key + jonghyun ► seohyun + yoona ► seohyun
heechul + yuri heechul + tiffany ► heechul + sooyoung ► key + yuri ► yuri (x2)
tiffany + red velvet ► taeyeon + tiffany tiffany ► key + hyoyeon

shinee ► jonghyun + onew ► key (x2)


costume guide (for anyone curious or confused, i know i was): heechul (anna from frozen), taeyeon (jack skellington from nightmare before christmas), tiffany (alice from alice in wonderland), hyoyeon (a cop????), yuri (tiger / cat), sooyoung (olaf from frozen), yoona (snow white), seohyun (a vampire), onew (frankenstein), jonghyun (a titan from attack on titan), key (edward scissorhands), minho (detective conan), taemin (bascially the same thing he was last year: either a vampire or... gerard way.), luna (a na'vi from avatar), chanyeol (the joker from batman)m tao (a vampire), baekhyun (a vampire), xiumin (idk tbh), chen (possibly a yakult lady), go ara (audrey hepburn), lee yeon hee (little red riding hood)

sources(s): @boakwon, @real_pcy, @kimheenim, @hztttao, @yulyulk, @taeyeon_ss, @syofgg, @xolovestephi, @seojuhyun_s, @watasiwahyo, @bumkeyk, @sjmzhoumi, @mbcbluenight
Tags: boa, exo, f(x), girls generation, go ara, lee yeon hee, shinee, sm entertainment, social media/youtube, super junior
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