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Kim Young Kwang Marks New Beginning by Signing with New Agency

Kim Young Kwang marked a new beginning by joining another agency.

Kim Young Kwang recently finished up his contract with his former agency and joined Enpino, marking his new beginning as an actor.

An affiliate of Enpino stated, “We will be providing full support for Kim Young Kwang, who made significant contributions to set a trend for model-turned-actors.”

Kim Young Kwang also said, “I would like to take this opportunity to leap from having the image of a model-turned visual actor to an actor who is recognized for his acting abilities. I’m excited for the upcoming challenges that I will face as an actor.”

On top of joining a new agency, Kim Young Kwang has been cast as one of the leads in SBS’s Pinocchio and began filming.

In the drama, Kim Young Kwang will be acting as an elite reporter ‘Seo Bum Jo,’ who has outstanding fashion style, physical attractiveness and versatile talents on top of superior family background.
source: mwave
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