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Assorted SJ Articles

Super Junior's Kim Heechul expressed his gratitude towards his members during the press conference for SBS's weekend drama serial Ten Million Times I Love You held in Seoul on the 26th and said, "Before the press conference, I almost cried after reading a text message from my dongsaengs which said 'Do your job well and come back'".

Heechul said, "This is my first time appearing on stage as an actor after Super Junior's activities, and I have come to realise that there are many areas in which I feel apologetic for. My involvement in the filming of a drama serial has caused the members the need to re-choreograph dances, and it looks tough on them to have to keep practicing till late at night. I am very sorry." He also added, "I went out to play with my dongsaengs not too long ago, and I told them that I was going to act in a show. I didn't say that without thinking about Super Junior, but told them while feeling very apologetic. In the past, I introduced myself using 'I am Kim Heechul', but recently, I would always say 'I am Super Junior's Kim Heechul'."

Additionally, Kim Heechul "had a meal with U-Know Yunho and Lee Hongki, and while eating, talked about, 'If I, as a singer, am unable to act well, my pride will be hurt and it is very embarrassing if I don't receive words of recognition such as 'well done'.' I want to let the audience see that I took on the role in the drama with enthusiasm and passion."

Heechul also commented, "I feel very blessed to have been given such a good opportunity. So as to not tarnish Super Junior's reputation, I am working hard."

In <Ten Million Times I Love You>, Heechul plays a cheerful yet mischievious character who matured and became sensible after studying abroad. The drama serial reflects several problems in society and will make its first broadcast on 29 August, at 8.50pm.

Sr: Newsen
Cr: 白色 @ SJFamily.cn, 希蓝猫 @ 旮旯屯 (gala-gc.cn)
Translated by yurim_sj♥@ SJ-World.net

Super Junior Leeteuk & Boom have become a famous entertainment duo.

Super Junior's leader Leeteuk has appeared as a singer, in radio as well as many entertainment shows. By showing his real image in broadcast, Leeteuk has resolutely changed people's opinion that Idol groups have to keep their image.

But now there is Boom who can help him. With the nickname "ssantiana", he has swept all the entertainment field with his natural disposition.

Leeteuk & Boom has been MCs for KBS "Song battle", "Challenge golden ladder" as well as MBC "Introducing star's friend - Survival meeting". Leeteuk & Boom are "Idol & Ssanti", although their images are contrary to each other, but they still are in harmony to bring me more fun to the shows. Boom's ssanti and Leeteuk's more and more adaption have made the two become "Best friend in illusion".

The viewers said "Leeteuk & Boom seem to be more well-matched as time goes by", "I can feel the effect of synergy when the two are together", "I hope to see more of their funny image in the future".

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

Kim Shinyoung has revealed that if she has to come to a desert island, she wants to go with her "intimate" friend Super Junior Shindong.

On the show "Ji Seokjin & Choi Wonjung's yeoyoomanman" which was aired on August 27th, when was asked "If you have to go to a desert island and choose one among Kim Taehyun, Lee Kyein, Shin Seongrok, Shindong to go with, who will you choose ?", Kim Shinyoung chose Shindong.

She said the reason is "Shindong's fans will even send foods to desert island. I wont starve to death" which made everybody laughing.

Kim Shinyoung & Shindong have been DJs for the radio MBC "Simsim tapa" for 1 years and 6 months. The teo also are famous because they're "diet friends". Usually, when the recording for the radio end late at night, they will go out and eat snacks together. But last year, Kim Shinyoung & Shindong had been on diet successfully and they had lost 12kg & 24kg. But she said because of stress, she gave up on it and began to eat foods easily again.

She also said that she has plan to diet one more time with Shindong to be able to wear beautiful dresses at the year-end award ceremony.

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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