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Rest of Taegoon's Q&A

since I'm a boldhead and didn't liked some of the Q&As that were done before, I did it myself.
Now, that's just the rest (40) and 5 others where it was kixed up, wrong or sth was missing.
but, it's also not 100 percent accurate, some things sound still strange :p

and sorry for so much annotations D:

태군~~ *__*

10. What's your favorite motto?
Give the best than be the best..!!

23. Seeing them in real, the female entertainer you think of as beautiful/the male entertainer you think of as handsome
I don't know the female entertainers/Wheesung

24. The feeling when you hear others saying you resemble some other entertainer?
Good feeling^^

29. Are you continuously monitoring?
I always see it~!!

30. What do you do when you see something you can't see?
When I see a ghost, I attack it!!

31. Between Jajjangmyun(noodles with brown sauce, Chinese food) and Jjambbong (a Chinese-style hotchpotch cooked chiefly with noodles), what do you like more?
From time to time different

33. Character you like the most?
Ichigo, Kiroro

37. Winning in the lottery 1st place, what do you want to do?

38. Dream you remember the most !
I don't dream that much..

39. Taegoon's dream of conception?
My mum was looking at the sea under a cliff and inside it there was a map of the world and one fish came and went...

40. What game do you do continuously (in one row)?
I do them all just bit by bit

43. It looks like if you don't have a double eyelid. Do you?
I do have

48. When you see yourself the most awesome
While sweating

50. I'm a rookie, but at this I have confidence not being behind other singers!

56. When you go to your fancafe, what do you do first!
Reading reviews*³..reading fan letters

62. The advantages of noona fans and dongsaeng fans
Noona fans are good because they take care of me and dongaeng fans, I like that I can take care of them ㅋ

71. Seeing the other sex, what are you looking at first?

72. Present you want to get from your girlfriend
a girlfriend is a present, what to get more ㅎㅎ

73. Plans for marriage and children?
Marriage when I have children and those children can be happy...

74. Person you want to see now (besides family)

75. Person you envy the most in the world and reason
There is no one I envy.. ㅋ

76. The most shameful moment in your life?
While visiting Daegu, getting hurt by the broken glasses when I fell down ㅋ

77. Taegoon's role model?
A lot...

78. Time of the day you are the most free?
When I sleep

79. When you're very angry, what to do?
Change ㅋ

80. After standing up in the morning, what do you do first?
Be dragged by Joo Hwan hyung (manager)!!!

81. Since when are you preparing for being a singer??
For real, since I was 20...

82. What are you thinking when seeing the fans

83. Did you ever think of giving up being a singer?
Not even once ^^

84. When do you do cross-stitching?
Don't do it now ㅋ

86. It's said that you are one of the F4 of the singer world, how do you think about that?
Huh.. ㅎ how do you think about that ㅎ

87. How much a day do you think of the fans?
As much as everyone thinks of me ^^

88. What's the secret of the muscles of your legs*?
Dancing a lot since I was little ..ㅋㅋ

89. The place you want to go in our country???
Ddangggeut village*

90. What are you thinking when you see male fans?
I have to become a worthy singer...

91. What do you think when you look into the mirror?
Shall I do my eyes?ㅋ*

92. During your activities as a singer, when is your heart the most full*
Going up to the stage..

93. Karaoke number 18*?

94. In your school days, the subject you liked/ you hated

95. Something you want to achieve as a singer
To absolutely not disappoint the fans!!

96. Out of the performance you had until now, which one did you like the most?
Debut performance..^^

97. Your final goal?
Continiously whoosh whoosh*¹º~~~ becoming better^^

98. How do you think about a relationship with a fan ~?
What...uhm...hum.... It’s not possible? ㅋㅋ

99. The self cam photo you like the most
I'll give you another time ㅋ

100. Lastly, what you want to say to the fans
I love you all very much~^^ please support me in future too!!!!

*² as in being bulky
*³ fans who went to an event to see Taegoon write down their experience, a fan account, sth like that.
* tights to be exact.
* literally means 'end of land village', does really exist at the very south end of Korea
* as in 'have surgery'
*full of emotion
*comes from Japanese Kabuki(?) means 'favorite song'
*¹º idk how to describe, it’s some sound word (in original ‘jjuk jjuk’)

it's a cut from the whole thing, the numbers in front are like in the original.

Translator: wassereis@OnlyTaegoon.com
original sauce | all 100
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