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090830 Inkigayo Schedule

Starts at 4:00pm KST

# Hot Solo Debut #
* G-Dragon

# Comeback Stage #
* Baek Ji Young (feat. 2PM’s Taecyon)
* Jewelry
* Hwang Bo

# Special Stage #
* 2NE1

# TAKE 7
* Kara
* MC Mong
* Brown Eyed Girls
* T-ara

# Fresh Music #
* Mighty Mouth (feat. Kara’s Nicole)
* R Tripper
* Hong Jin Young

# Hot Music
* PK Herman
* Kyun Mi Ri
* Kim Jong Wook

# Extras
* Digital Music Chart: Mighty Mouth
* Public Transport Campaign Song: FT Island

Source: Soompi

FT Island, KARA and other popular singers for new campaign on SBS Inkigayo
5 singer groups – FT Island, KARA and others will be filming a video for SBS Inkigayo for an awareness campaign of the use of public transportation.

This campaign is also called ‘Blue Sky, Clear City together with Public Transportation’. An FT Island version of the campaign video will be shown on 30th August first, followed by KARA’s on 6th September. And the videos by other singers will be shown each week on the show until 27th September.

For FT Island’s version of the campaign video, the boys will be shown taking the 9th line on the subway singing to the campaign song. While KARA members will be shown taking the public transportation bus.

Oher singers involved for this campaign are Baek Ji Young and ShinDong.

Source: sookyeong
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