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Henry for the Celebrity Oct 2014

Translated article and pics from Henry’s spread in the Celebrity
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Henry’s Beautiful Days

To Henry, who is a Super Junior-M member, good food and cooking is something that restores his energy amidst his busy schedule. He is a man who knows how to share good food with his close friends, and cherish that time together.

How was it possible that a boy brought up in Canada came to a faraway land, Korea, and became the most popular “they youngest son”-like presence to all the Ajummas in the neighborhood? It’s because the innocence that he has that has enabled him to enjoy the notorious military life in his own way.

It is Henry, a member of the Super Junior unit group- Super Junior-M, and a solo musician who has released two mini-albums Trap and Fantastic. His innocence and whimsical behavior is his trademark among his fans, and he gets praised that he is the type of guy who appears in one of those unrealistic romance comic books. His professional-level violin skills that he has developed since 6 years old. Also skilled a sports, he was once ranked 23rd in tennis in Canada. Although he looked tired at first because of his busy schedule after joining Real Men, Henry seemed brightened by talking about good food and cooking. He liked talking about food and the memories that are related to it—which made him look like a man who had real taste in food. He also has outstanding cooking skills. During the shooting, the staff called him a “natural born cuteness”. He told us about his personal memories about food.

When we watch you in entertainment shows, you are so natural and unaffected. You don’t care about whether people like you or not. Right?
I agonized over the meaning of life and what kind of person I should be for a long time. A few months ago, while I was walking along the Han River by myself, I’ve come to a thought that I want to make people happy in many ways through my music, performances and entertainments. Besides, entertainment is not the sort of opportunity that comes to everyone.

When we said we’re meeting up with Henry, everyone said the same thing—“neck slice!”—what you said during the Taekwondo test Real Men. It isn’t a short time that you have been a musician—don’t you ever get upset that people only remember you from the variety shows?
No, not at all. Before I thought that I should appeal to the people with my music, but now I became to think differently. If someone thinks of me nicely after watching the variety shows, then that means that person likes me for who I am, which is a compliment to me. Sometimes it’s hard, but I’m happy that many people can laugh and be happy. I’ll show you lots of moments like the “neck slice”.

Today I saw you at the shooting and you seem like a person who is naturally caring for people around you.
I was the one who always brightened up the mood among my friends. Lately the “Real Man” team went to the Philippines for shooting and it was a really hard time because it was too hot. We went there to help the kids living there, but reversely, I got a lot of help, and that made me really happy. I got to think about the meaning of life once again.

You had a lot to do with cooking, coincidentally. You starred as a cooking the movie Final Recipe and you were cooking in TV shows like Master Chef Korea- Celebrity and the recently aired Chuseok special program Clenched Fist Chef .
It’s cool for me, too. I didn’t cook a lot before, but after being taught for several months by famous chefs for the Final Recipe, I got to like it. But I don’t like doing dishes, so I’m looking for a girlfriend who can do that after eating the food that I made. (laughs)

Then with your fast improved cooking skills, what is your specialty?
Originally, I liked cooking at home rather than eating out. I can control the amount of salt and make my own sauce, which is healthier. For example, people eat chicken breasts and vegetables when they’re on a diet even if it doesn’t taste good. But I cook chicken breasts with my own special garlic sauce and stif-fried vegetables so it can be a tasty diet.

What is your “energy/soul food”?
I like food that makes me think of my childhood and my home. For example, I always had hot dogs at lunch with my friends in high school. So when I eat hot dogs I think of my close high school friends and dumplings make me think of my mother. Eating isn’t simple memories of food, they have deeper meanings. For example, the scent of food can link back the sensation of past memories.

That’s right. Eating something with someone is sharing that time together, so it has a stronger memory.
When I first came to Korea, I didn’t know how to speak Korean or understand the Korean culture so I had a hard time. When I eat Kimchi Jjigae it makes me think of that time so I don’t really eat it lately. Instead, I like eating Korean food that is not spicy, Korean beef, Korean style Chinese food, Tangsooyook and cold noodles. Especially I like eating beef with cold noodles in a stainless bowl.

You even specified the kind of dish—you seem like a real gastronome.
My hobby is eating and searching for good places to eat. If I see people on social media mentioning tasty restaurants, then I will go take a look. But recently, I don’t have time to do that, so I just look around my home. I would often go to the convenient tasty barbecue shops.

People say that if you know how to gather with people and enjoy good food, you can’t be a bad person. One Twitter, you wrong something like this before: “Everyone is perfect, so don’t think you are imperfect. Your imperfections are also perfect! Beautiful comes from within; I think inner beauty is the real ‘beauty’ and not external beauty.” That was really impressive.
One day, I was talking with my friends, one person said he (she) [was] dissatisfied with his (her) appearance and wants to get plastic surgery. And then we walked on the streets, the bus stations and a lot of buildings were full of plastic surgery ads. Actually, I am not against plastic surgery, but I hope people don’t become depressed because of their appearance. No matter where you go, there is often this problem. Dictionary definition of “pretty” doesn’t mean big eyes, high nose bridge, etc. There is no standard of “pretty” but we’ve perceived “pretty” to be, influenced by television or celebrities’ shadows. Actually, small eyes and chubbiness can also be pretty. Even though you don’t have, as they say, a pretty face, if you have confidence and consider yourself to be beautiful then others will feel that too. Beauty comes from within. Seeing my friend’s stressful problems (about appearances) makes me sad.

You seem like you think about things a lot by yourself. We were expecting a “little brother” kind of Henry.
When I’m full of energy, sometimes I get carried away and it can tire people out. I wish everyone has the chance to shoot a reality show, because it helps you find out more about yourself and also gain confidence. You can also know what people like. Reality variety shows can be a method of “healing”.

That’s a new insight. Then what did you find out about yourself?
That I’m special, a bit different from most people, somewhat whimsical? I didn’t know that I can make so many different expressions with my face and that I’m so full of energy. But, if I was serving the military for real, I would be different from now. I risk getting punishments just to make people laugh, so I hope the people serving the military don’t hate me too much. (laughs)

If people didn’t know that they wouldn’t have liked you so much anyway. It’s dinner time after this interview, what are you planning to eat?
I think I will buy fruits and then go to Han River. Whenever I go the Han River a lot of people recognize me and it feels like a fanmeeting type of atmosphere. A lot of ahjumma would call of my name “Henry Henry” and stroke my head and give me food. Because my mother isn’t here with me, I’m very happy and feel very honored. Ah, even when I’m at the supermarket, I’m treated like a VIP. (laughs)

I like Henry’s introspective interviews. I remember reading somewhere that SM suggested he get double eyelid surgery but he refused, though he wears the tape on broadcast.

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