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Rain plans to star in a new drama

Earlier this summer, superstar singer-actor Rain alluded to the possibility of taking another movie or television project, and now he has announced his decision to make his acting return with a drama.

He’s currently engaged in singer-ly activities, kicking off his 2009 Asia Tour (“Legend of Rainism”) on August 29 at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena. It was at a press conference at that event that he spoke of his drama comeback plans. Rain didn’t get into the details, saying merely, “It will have an entirely different feel from the movie Ninja Assassin.”

Speaking of which, Ninja Assassin will be released in theaters in late November. As for the concert tour, Rain follows the Japan opener with performances in China, Seoul, and Southeast Asia. Ever the overachiever, he added, “If possible, I’ll try for Europe and America as well.”

I know he’s been busy working on his two Hollywood films (Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer), but it still feels to me like he’s been out of the acting spotlight for a really long time. I like him best in kdramas, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing him on television again. I get the sense that many people write him off from his uncomplicated spoiled-superstar character in Full House, but while it is his most well-known (and probably most-watched) role, it was also one of his earlier projects and he’s grown in the five years since that drama. (Take, for instance, his role with Im Soo-jung in Park Chan-wook’s eccentric psych-ward love story, I’m a Cyborg But It’s Okay.)

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