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DSP to unleash a new 7-member girlgroup ‘Rainbow’?

After Sechkies, Fin.K.L, SS501 and KARA, DSP is said to be unleashing a new 7-member girlgroup in October!

It is also said that the group will be called ‘Rainbow’ with members ranging from ages 15 to 20.

With that, netizens dig out more information about the group..

The members:

1) Oh SaeMi 오세미

2) NoEul 노을

3) Jang JiSoo 장지수 (The youngest member)
4) Lee JooBin 이주빈 (As seen in SS501 MV)
5) Jung YoonHye 정윤혜

6) Leader Kim JaeKyeong 김재경 (as seen in SS501 MV)

7) 민지혜

The inflood of girlgroup never stops.

We have SM Entertainment announcing the debut of upcoming group f(x) set to be revealed in mid-September. And then earlier there was T-ara and 2NE1.

This may just get more interesting.
Oh sweet Jesus and Mary Chain! Will it never end?
*crosses fingers in the hopes of a new SOLO artist*
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