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gd accused of plagiarising... again

A surprising controversy has arisen out of G-Dragon's new song 'The Leader.'

Big Bang leader G-Dragon's new solo album, which has swept over various music charts since it was released on August 18th, has been labelled controversial due to the similarity between one of his songs and SNSD's hit song 'Gee.'

Netizens have questioned over a verse on 'The Leader' that includes the lyrics 'Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby, G-D-G-D Baby Baby,' and claimed that the rhythm and lyrics of the song are too similar to SNSD's 'Gee.'

There has been a mixed response amongst the Netizen population in regards to the controversy. Some Netizens have claimed that the part of the song is disrespecting SNSD, whereas others are skeptical about the controversy itself.

Netizens advocating the controversy have raised their voice blamed G-Dragon's lyrics and rhythm for plagiarizing 'Gee.'

However, other Netizens are doubtful about the controversy. "Why would he plagiarize 'Gee' when it's such a popular song?" These Netizens explained that G-Dragon have used similar lyrics and rhythm to SNSD's 'Gee' to express his confidence in the song.

In addition, other Netizens have claimed that G-Dragon is using 'Gee' merely to make the song more fun. These Netizens stated that this controversy is wrongful and will continue to cause more problems.

Not that you really need these, but...

The Leader


original source
translated by Glucose @ soshified
video 1 source
video 2 source

lol Can't say I don't hear it (I mean beat and lyrics are practically the same except for "GD GD") but I'm thinking it's more like sampling than plagiarising.
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