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Rain and Goo Hye Sun Turned into Patissier Couple in Tous Les Jours

Rain and Goo Hye Sun are transformed into Patissier couple in Tous Les Jours new CF.

In Korea’s domestic bakery brand Tou Les Jours latest CF, Rain and Goo Hye Sun are turned into handheld elf-sized mini Patissier couple.

Inside the CF, they were seen on the kitchen table busy preparing and baking bread. They prepared the dough together and Rain continued with by pouring almond syrup. Both of them then sprinkled the flavorings to make a huge bread.

This ad was difficult to shoot as almost every scenes were taken on an empty space. Both Rain and Goo Hye Sun were acting like a real giant baking a bread. But as time passed by, both of them showed remarkable progress in the CF shooting.

Rain and Goo Hye Sun’s Tou Les Jours latest CF will be released from 31st August afternoon onwards.

Source: gongjunim
Tags: cf, goo hye sun, rain

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