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SHINee’s Key dazzles fans with a facial cream tutorial video on Instagram


SHINee‘s Key has been charged guilty of blinding fans with his flawless complexion in his most recently uploaded Instagram video.

The singer blew his followers away with a clip of himself demonstrating how to use The Saem’s Harakeke Firming Seed Cream, with information as to whether or not he was sponsored to do so unconfirmed.

However, it was not so much the product that received the bulk of the attention but rather, Key’s perfect skin. Right from the very start, where fans can see him dabbing his face with a towel, all attention is automatically diverted to his doll-like skin. The next scene shows him scooping up the concoction in the mirror. Viewers are then treated to close ups of his legendary porcelain skin as he applies the cream.

The Saem’s Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Cream has been garnering attention for providing treatment for skin elasticity and moisture for rough and sensitive skin. Using 100% haragake oil extract instead of water, the cream is said to provided a great supply of omega 3 and 9.

The Saem is a Korean cosmetics brand that was established back in 2010, with the name of the company meaning “the spring water of beauty,” and has been continuing to prove itself as one of Korea’s most well-recognised and technologically-advanced cosmetic companies. Various idols have been selected as the company’s spokesmodels including Lee Seung Gi, G-Dragon, and IU.

Source: Koreaboo, Key's Instagram

How dare he have perfect skin, that sparkly jerk... ;~;
In other news: all those in favor of Key starting up a new beauty channel on Youtube, raise your hand~~~
Tags: beauty like your faves, key, social media/youtube

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