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Why am I even surprised anymore: Topp Dogg member Seogoong moved to sub-unit Under Dogg


“With his wish to cover a broader musical spectrum and show more unique, diverse stages, beginning January 16th, 2015, Seogoong will attempt to create a new unit and work together with Under Dogg, independent from Topp Dogg.”

[timeline of events leading up to this]

  • back when topp dogg were promoting their amadeus deluxe album, seogoong left a fansign early with basically no explanation

  • around this time he also missed a couple small schedules, supposedly bc of a minor injury

  • in october topp dogg released the annie mv and had their anniversary and although seogoong appeared in the mv, had lines in the song, and was pictured inside the physical album, they announced that he would not be participating in annie promotions for a month because he hurt himself during practice

  • in november topp dogg held their first concert, seogoong did not attend

  • in december topp dogg held a showcase in malaysia, seogoong did not attend

  • in january topp dogg held a concert in japan, seogoong did not attend, supposedly he had to go rehabilitation for his foot injury

  • throughout these months seogoong posted a couple selcas on the official topp dogg twitter, cho pd posted a picture of seogoong and jiwon on his instagram on pepero day, there were some small things going around about fans seeing him limping around the stardom building - besides this no one heard from seogoong since september

  • on january 16th it was announced that seogoong would no longer be a part of topp dogg, instead he would be put in underdogg with jiwon, hyeontae, andy and leon

  • seogoong posted a selca on the official topp dogg twitter after the announcement expressing his love for toppklass and thanking us

  • it is said that apparently this is now part of topp dogg’s concept to have “member exchange” because stardom originally wanted to debut more smaller groups but instead debuted all their male trainees in topp dogg (and eventually under dogg) and just planned to do activities with subunits in the future, although i haven’t seen any real confirmation of this

  • on january 17th topp dogg attended an award show to accept their award for rookie of the year and in their acceptance speech sangdo thanked “topp dogg member seogoong”

source: ToppDoggHouse + Topp Dogg fancafe, trans by Topp Dogg International +

Basically this whole thing is super sketchy because he just disappeared for months with no real explanation and suddenly he's now in another group because he was unsatisfied with the line distribution??? And idk why they thought the member exchange thing was a good idea. There's also a post explaining Stardom's brilliant plan of debuting the trainees they had but realized it was impossible to do so in smaller groups so they debuted them all in a large group LMAO. I can think of one member who wouldn't be a loss if he hadn't debuted...
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