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Ji Chang Wook in talks to Take His First Lead Role in New Movie

According to affiliates of the movie industry, Ji Chang Wook has decided to appear in director Park Kwang Hyun′s new project, Modified City (translated) and is going into the contract negotiation phase.

[Read More]One affiliate told Newsen on March 9, "Ji Chang Wook currently has the contract for Modified City right in front of him. The details are going through final tuning."

Modified City is a project which was known by its previous title, Sculptured Man. With the postponement of Martial Arts (translated), Park Kwang Hyun will begin filming for Modified City first. Park Kwang Hyun is known for his previous works, Welcome to Dongmakgol and No Comment Family.

In this movie, Ji Chang Wook will star as the character Nam Oh, who is a jobless game addict, who somehow gets entangled in a statutory rape case.

If Ji Chang Wook is confirmed for this movie, it will be his first lead role in a commercial film. He has starred in various dramas, such as My Too Perfect Sons, Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, Hero, Smile Again, Bachelor′s Vegetable Store, Empress Ki and the recently concluded Healer.

Ji Chang Wook has appeared briefly in the films Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp, Sleeping Beauty, and How to Use Guys with Secret Tips as supporting roles and special cameo appearances. Modified City may be the stepping stone to lead roles in the film industry.

Modified City is searching for supporting actors to begin filming in the first half of 2015.


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