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Henry tries to impress farting. On TV.

On the premiere episode of MBC Every1’s “Match Made in Heaven Returns,” which aired on March 10, Super Junior M’s Henry attempted to win over singer Narsha through a quite unconventional tactic.

During one segment, the remaining male contestants are given the chance to appeal to Narsha by showing off the body part they are most confident in. While his colleagues take the more traditional route and appeal with their abs and pelvis, Henry showcases his armpits by making farting noises with them. Narsha doesn’t know how to react at first, but Henry asks her to listen up, rubbing his hand and underarm together earnestly.

Before Narsha makes her final decision, Henry asks for a moment, saying he has something else for her. As a response to the singer’s comment that Henry’s appeal lacks authenticity, he stands up and rips out a genuine fart to the shock of poor Taemin who is sitting next to him.

Despite Henry’s best efforts, he is the first candidate Narsha rejects, saying, “I think this boy needs to go to the restroom first.”

Sources: Soompi

Oh my GOD I swear this boy is an alien
or 8 years old
I'm not sure yet tbh
Tags: brown eyed girls, henry lau, taemin, tv shows

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