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Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye for Lotte Department Store!

South Korean retail company Lotte Department Store said on Tuesday it picked actress Park Shin-hye and actor Yoo Seung-ho as its new muses.

The two hit celebrities are set to star in the department’s commercials and attend its events and fan meetings for the next 12 months, starting from March.

The company said it would first launch the donation campaign “Lovely Hands” featuring Park and Yoo. Through the event, every time a user clicks “like” on its social media sites, the department donates 1,000 won ($0.9) to children with incurable diseases.

Park already posted the pages of the campaign site on her Instagram account, which got over 300,000 “likes” from her fans.

“We plan to launch diverse activities under the slogan ‘Lovely Life’ together with Park and Yoo for the next 12 months. We anticipate the best chemistry between them,” said Lee Wan-shin, marketing chief of Lotte Department Store.

[some photos]

Source: By Shin Ji-hye @ Koreanherald
Lotte Dept Store Weibo via Yooseunghoworld@tumblr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
I can't find Park Shin Hye's individual shoots ;__;
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