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2PM for Cosmopolitan Men Korea [Image Heavy]

6 Men Coming Together as a Whole Again, 2PM

Making a new phrase ‘Beastly Idols’ and starting the syndrome after their debut in 2008, 2PM have become matured men even more. The warm moment when the 6 men who have been bragging each of their ability through solo, acting, album producing, etc gathered as 2PM.

[We are 2PM, are you sure you didn`t interview 2AM instead of us?]

It’s been a long time since we met in 2009. We asked you what you think you would be doing 10 later, do you perhaps remember your answers?

Junho Didn’t we answer that we’d be in the army? Haha.

Taecyeon I can’t remember at all...

Taecyeon answered acting, singing, radio DJ, having a coffee business. Nichkhun answered being married and having a business. Jun. K answered to keep engrossed in music, and being married! Chansung answered acting and singing, Wooyoung answered to be the world’s best musician. And Junho asnwered launching clothing brand, composing songs, producing, singing and acting...

Jun. K When did you say we answered this? Euhaha.

Taecyeon Worst of all I didn't even like coffee that much so I wonder why did I say that? All of us didn't it more thought.

Junho Wooyoung-ah, it won’t be long until you become the world’s best musician

Taecyeon Junho’s launching a clothing brand is even more shocking!

Junho Wait a moment. We are 2PM, are you sure you didn't interview 2AM instead of us?

Wooyoung Didn't we do this jokingly?

Taecyeon Jun. K No we didn't, we did it very seriously. I remembered...

That’s right. It’s still vivid in mind how all of you answered the questionnaire as if you’re answering for college entrance exam. Though it hasn’t been 10 years, 6 years have passed since then. At that time, all of you said that 2PM’s strongest weapon was ‘performance’ so what do you think have changed now?

Chansung We did splendid things like performaces to draw attention in our debut days but I don’t think we can keep going with that only. We’ve gone through a period of change in order to find our own style since then. I would like to say that now is the time when the result of that change is becoming clear. It’s a process of change but we did everything to always show our best.

Your comeback is in June. It is said that there will be a lot of members’ composition too this time but if you are to give a hint about the new album? Only to evoke expectation.

Junho The sure thing I can say that this album was really made by us.

Taecyeon Members’ participation in this album is higher than in the others we’ve had until now. We’re showing more and more of our colors whenever we release new albums in the future. As Chansung said before, I think this album can show you the best of our current capability.

We can’t help but to ask about love to young people at the peak of youth. Honestly, we don’t have to tell that 2PM members will do well but who is the romanticist among the members?

Junho Well, won’t everyone be romanticist when in love?

Wooyoung If not, I think one can at least be romanticist to his lover even when he’s not to other women. There are many lovers who can’t date comfortable despite being in love because they go public. I think they would have the thought of wanting to try like ‘I want to date like this too’.

Chansung I just want an ordinary date of walking on the streets while holding hands.

Junho True. Something like eating spicy rice cake together at the snack stall. That’s why I want to have a lot of quality time with my wife when I get married later. It’s because I’m unlikely to get married soon. The soonest would be when I’m 35 years old? I’d be starting my life with the woman I love so I would like to try everything I couldn’t do before as much as I wish with her.

I personally think that ‘obsession propensity’ is one of the biggest traits of men so as cover models is there something that you’re obsessed with recently? Not obsessed in a negative way but kind of something you’ve done much.

Junho I have one! I’m rasing 2 cats at home but I’m quite obsessed with the state of their feces. The kids got some diarrhea so I have to check on them and feed them medicines by myself, covering their feces right after they defecated... I’m not sure how obsessed I am to keep being alert of those moment.

Wooyoung I think I’m obsessed with studying these days. I’m getting really curious about the world lately. That’s why I read random books. I keep on seeing things like documentary or video feeds... I recenly read a book called < Healing The Shame That Binds You> and it’s good.

Chansung I’m really interested in photography recently. It’s not talking selca, haha. The fans gave me a camera for my birthday gift so I started by wondering whether I should try taking pictures with it and it was surprisingly fun.

Nichkhun Mine is Mickey Mouse. Haha.

All Seriously, he has to go to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse whenever we have schedule overseas. He also draws Mickey Mouse during his time off. But, he matches with Mickey Mouse well.

Jun. K I’m recently obsessed with spacing. I’m the type to not do well when my place is uncomfortable, even it’s only a little. I only sit on places to sit even at home. I’m obsessed with seeking comfort for spacing in that way.

Taecyeon I’ve fallen for spirits (alcoholic drinks) tasting. Wine, beer and recently whiskey, they have a lot of kinds and tastes. I find it fun to taste them and fine which one fits my taste. But I’m not an alcoholic. Haha.

Last question. What time is the hottest time now on 2PM’s clock?

Junho Of course it’s still 2PM. We’re always bright and energetic, very hot.

Taecyeon If so, it’s actually the hottest at 3PM. Because of the solar radiation. Haha.

Wooyoung Then the answer is 3PM.

Jun. K If 3PM is the hottest time, then we still have a long way to go. I think we’re at 2:02 PM. If we have gone through a process toward 2:01 PM until now, I think we’ll be at 2:02 PM starting from now on. We’re always progressing.

[HQ Shots]

[HQ Scans]

I love them. That's all I really have to say. I'm super excited for their supposed June comeback! Mods, please use this one. This should be the last edit, sorry!

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