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Ladies Code move back in together + update on situation


Article: [Exclusive] 8 months after the car accident... Ladies Code dreams to return

Source: Star News via Nave

The members recently moved in to a dorm last month in Seoul and are back to their practice routine. "The members are living a normal life traveling to and from their dorm to their practice room. We're not preparing a comeback but they are still receiving vocal and choreography lessons."

The three are still receiving psychology treatments with their training along with follow-up treatments on the injuries sustained from the car accident.

"Juni and Sojung live far away and Ashley's from America so none of them have a lot of close friends in Seoul. On their off time, they spend time with the company staff or with each other in their dorm."

"Nothing confirmed on the comeback yet. We are not at the point where we have begun collecting songs or planning a concept yet. Discussions, albeit little, are ongoing It's hard to say whether there will be a comeback within the year."

source: Netizenbuzz (naver)
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