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Thunder Wants to be Recognized as Park Sang Hyun When Acting

Known by his idol name Cheon Dung, the former MBLAQ member opened up about his foray into acting and reclaiming his birth name Park Sang Hyun.

Currently starring in drama Make a Woman Cry, Cheon Dung a.k.a Park Sang Hyun recently posed for Arena magazine and spoke candidly about how the ′idol-turned-actor′ title has affected him.

Idols taking on acting already face preconceptions, but Cheon Dung said, "I don′t want to force the title ′idol-turned-actor′ off because fans abroad already know me as ′Cheon Dung′ and I received a lot of love promoting in an idol group."

However, Cheong Dung′s desire to be taken seriously as an actor was apparent, adding "But when I′m acting, at the very least, I′d like to not be seen as ′Cheon Dung.′"

The full pictorial and interview can be found in the May issue of Arena.
source: mwave
Tags: ex-group members, mblaq

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