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YG Reveals iKON Will Debut Before WINNER’s Comeback

YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently revealed the upcoming plans for the agency’s three boy groups—BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON. He has promised a new album for all three groups before the end of this year.

On April 26, BIGBANG’s 2015 world tour “MADE in Seoul” opened up at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium. After the concert, Yang Hyun Suk met up with TV Report and shared, “BIGBANG will release a single album one after another starting May 1. They are also planning to release a full-length album including all those songs.”

Many fans have been wondering who will come next after BIGBANG’s comeback and Yang Hyun Suk has answered: “After BIGBANG, iKON’s album will come out. These days, I have been holding meetings with iKON once every three days. For now, I think WINNER will be next following iKON’s debut album release. WINNER has already built up a fandom after debuting last year. They also won a rookie award. I think it’s only right to give iKON a debut opportunity first.”

Are you excited for a YG-filled year?

Get Ready...SHOWTIME!

Source: Soompi Naver lil6bboyo
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