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Yeo Jin Gu, his love guide – Interview for Instyle

With drama “Orange Marmalade”, actor Yeo Jin Gu tries the melo genre for the fist time of his life. Carrying a boy’s smile as well as a man’s gaze, here’s the Spring of a youth of 19-year old.

Film he loves:

Yeo Jin Gu’s recommendations. His top 3 movies that are even better to watch in Spring.

1 – “Magic in the moonlight”

“It’s a movie with two actors that I like: Colin Firth and Emma Stone. I was surprised by the amazing cinematography and the emotional elements. It’s a good movie to watch in this season.”

2 – “April Story”

“It’s a movie by well-known director Iwai Shunji. It’s a calm and quiet movie and each scene is beautiful like a watercolor painting of a Spring day. That’s why I think about this movie when Spring comes.

3 – “Oseam”

It’s an animation movie I watched when I was young, so I don’t have clear memories about it, but I think I cried a lot while watching this movie. I still remember the OST song “Island Baby” [섬집 아기].

Yeo Jin Gu started acting in when he was 9 years-old. As he has been going back and forth between the big screen and TV, he’s been building up his filmography. At some point, the boy began to give off a man vibe. For his last project in his teen years, he chose a high school vampire romance. He’s back as the lead character of “Orange Marmalade, a fantasy romance drama that takes place in a world where vampires and humans coexist.

Something about you seems different. Did you lose a little bit of weight?

I think my body is getting better. I kind of have a large frame. I don’t work out and I did lose a bit of weight. I didn’t slim down that much, but I think it was necessary for the drama. Shoul i call it “having courtesy” toward the drama? (smile)

You’re busy filming the drama “Orange Marmalade” these days. As you even had a shower scene, we’re een able to see actor Yeo Jin Gu’s masculine vibe.

Yes! It’s nice if people were expecting a new image. However, I filmed the shower scene without feeling burdened. It was my first time shooting a shower scene, so I was nervous, but I was actually comfortable during filming. It wasn’t about being charismatic at all.

How was it to do a melo for the first time? I heard you have never been in a relationship.

True. I’ve been single all my life. It’s true that it’s difficult because it’s still an emotion I’m not familiar with. I worried a lot about the way to express it, but every time I feel this way, I portray Jae Min as I tell myself that it’s an unfamiliar feeling for him too. Just like me, Jae Min is a bit distant with women. That’s why I’m trying to convey this feeling properly.

It seems that you have many things in common with Jae Min.

I thought we had a lot in common, but there are also many differences. Jae Min doesn’t get easily swayed. He knows how to suppress his own feelings and reveal them approximately. He’s very rational and gentle. He’s more mature than other kids his age. However, when he meets the lead girl (Seolhyun), it’s the first time this image of his starts collapsing.

The fact that he became mature faster than the others is something you two have in common.

I don’t know. I do have a mature side, but I’m still emotional sometimes. Except when I’m acting or when I’m doing research for a character, I like having fun like any ordinary high school student. I like a lively atmosphere. My personality is much brighter than Jae Min’s.

Seolhyun chose you as her most memorable partner among all the actors she has played with so far. She said she could feel a sense of depth and maturity despite the fact you’re young.

I’m thankful that she sees me like this. I stay focused when I’m on the set. When I’m not acting, I release the stress and I have fun. That’s all there is to it. Why did she feel this way? I guess I’ll have to ask her (smile).

During today’s photo shoot, I also saw your “on, off” mode. Your capacity to focus isn’t average. At some point, I feel like you were more yourself. Is it because you were in front of the camera?

When I’m in front of the camera, there are times when I must show myself and there are times when I shouldn’t. Especially when I must show a new image through a character, I must not show my own image. Still, when I do photo shoots like this, I’m trying to show my true self.

While doing this photo shoot, you display a boy’s charm and even a masculine sexy vibe. Are you aware that you have a mature charm?

I think my acting has become more mature, but who I am in my daily life doesn’t change that much. To be honest, I don’t want to change. I just hope that I can keep acting as much as I am today.

You started acting when you were 9. You’ve been acting for 10 years now. Has your attitude toward acting changed a lot between the time you started and today?

When I was a kid, acting was just fun and being on a set was fun. I think I felt this way until middle school. That’s why I think things turned out this way because I worked hard and enjoyed what I was doing. Of course, acting and being on a set are still fun to me. However, I think I’m becoming more and more serious about it. I feel the burden of the character I’m portraying. Because people trust me enough to give me a role, I feel a sense of responsibility and I thinkg to myself that I must be serious and give it my all.

For the past ten years, you’ve been going to school and acting at the same time. It was probably not easy to do both things.

“Hwayi” director Jung Jun Hwan told me to complete my workbooks to prepare my midterm exams while I was on the set. I was able to keep acting and going to school because people cared about me this way. It was possible because the attention came from both ways. I’m very thankful. It’s true that going to school and acting weren’t easy. And it’s still not easy today. When I was in middle school, I could keep up even if I had to do last-minute cramming. Now that I’m in high school, it’s not something easy to do because you can’t just hope to pull it off if you make no effort and I’m still going to school because I think I’m still a student and dropping my studies isn’t the thing to do.

Is there a difference and similarity between acting and studying?

The similarity is the fact that both things require time. This goes for anything, but according to how much time you invest into your acting, the result is different. I thought to myself that others are putting more efforts into their studies than the efforts I put into my acting. And the difference between acting and studying is… Hm, I like acting and I kind of hate studying, so when I’m acting, time flies by, but when I’m studying, time goes to a slow pace.

Your deep voice is definitly a charming point. Your gaze is uncommon too. Your face can show this bright side and a dark side too. As an actor, it seems that you already have different weapons. Is there something else you’d like to have?

The thing that I want to have the most as an actor is “the feel”. What I want is to be so into a character that I carry this “feel” that will allow me to show a convincing and sincere image without even trying to express it and worrrying constantly. I think that one must trust himself a lot if he wants to express honestly what he thinks all the time.
source: InStyle
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