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Weekly dose of D&E craziness: no Siwon in their subunit, no to dating SNSD, no to 'EunHae'

In a recent interview conducted in Hong Kong, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk revealed the reason why they don’t want Siwon in their subunit.

[They believe Changmin is the better choice]

During the interview, the host asked, “D&E has had two members all along. If we were to add another member, who do you guys think should be added?” After both Donghae and Eunhyuk hesitated, the host suggested Siwon, prompting the two to sigh and immediately reject the suggestion.

Donghae and Eunhyuk then revealed, “No, he doesn’t match us well. First and foremost, we need someone who matches our height. Siwon is too tall.” However, they then suggested that they would like to add TVXQ’s Changmin, who is officially listed as taller than Siwon, to the group.

Check out this part of the interview at 3:25 below! (no subs)


[Eunhyuk shipping Donghae and Seohyun]

On the June 25th episode of 100% Entertainment, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk revealed the Girls’ Generation members that they would like to get a confession from and possibly date.

During the episode, one of the hosts questioned Eunhyuk, “Who do you think is the prettiest member in Girls’ Generation…if she was to become your girlfriend?” After some hesitation, Eunhyuk responded, “If we’re talking about a girlfriend, I wouldn’t choose any of them. Because we’ve all known each other since we were young, [to me] they don’t have a feminine side.

Then, Donghae decided to change the question and asked, “If you were to be confessed to by one of them, who would you want to hear the confession from?

To this, Eunhyuk answered, “For [the sake of my future], I pick Sunny…because she is Lee Soo Man’s niece,” making everyone laugh as one of the hosts exclaimed, “Watch out, he might get the opportunity to make a solo debut [for picking this answer]!

When the hosts posed the same question to Donghae, he laughed and refused to answer. Then, Eunhyuk chimed in with his opinion, saying, “I think Donghae and Seohyun are a good match. From what I know, Seohyun doesn’t really know how to drink, and Donghae is really weak in that regard as well.” This prompted Donghae to respond, “I’m still not sure about this!


[They feel uncomfortable about fans thinking of them as a couple]

While fans have been loving the duo of Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk, the two best friends have revealed their thoughts of being considered as the “Eunhae couple.”

While guesting on Taiwan’s Idols of Asia, Donghae and Eunhyuk were requested to perform different tasks to show off just how close they are. After randomly selecting the task of jumping rope together 10 times, Donghae immediately refused, saying that this can only be done between lovers. Eunhyuk agreed.

The host then commented, “Actually, in Taiwan, the story of you two being a ‘couple’ is very popular,” after which Donghae and Eunhyuk exclaimed, “Don’t be like that! I don’t like it! Please don’t write about things like that.

Donghae also added, “I don’t know if I can say this, but in another country, people think we are gay…but it’s really not like that. Please don’t do this.” In the end, they awkwardly finished the task together.

The incident begins at 7:10 in the first video and continues in the second video below. (no subs)

Source: Koreaboo, Yik Ming Wu , Koreaboo, Koreaboo, MTV 我愛偶像 1, 2

They are pretty funny and so cute. Really. I love them so much. ;_; Pretty long articles, so... you've been warned. :3 Also, lol at kicking Siwon out for being tall, but wanting Changmin instead.

[They are cute and funny. Seriously!] (c)

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