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Flaming Charisma Minho to Make Acting Comeback as Lead on New Drama 'Friends 2015'


SHINee’s Minho has been cast as the lead role in cable channel OnStyle’s first drama “Friends 2015 (working title),” which focuses on romantic relationships between young guys and girls.

Minho especially caught the audience’s attention when he recently did some comical acting on “SNL Korea.” An affiliate of the broadcast industry claims, “Minho has the looks and a trendy kind of charm. His acting skills have improved since his debut, too. Fans can expect his growth as an actor through this drama.”

Friends 2015, to be broadcasted in October, will be a 45 minutes drama in which the 1st ep consists of 3 parts of 15 minutes long.

[+ more about plot and cast]

Key to Host new cooking Show 'Make an Order' on Olive TV

SHINee’s Key will be hosting a cooking program. Make an Order’s first broadcast will be aired on Olive TV on July 16th at 8:40 pm (kst).

‘Make an Order’ will be broadcasted live through Daum TV pot on July 1st at 11.30 am (kst).
On this show, viewers can make an order (through Olive TV’s homepage) to the hosts (Key and Hyunmoo) and chefs.

Key, Hyunmoo, and special chef (guest) will cook based on menu that viewers request. They will get 3 orders on each episode.

‘Make an Order’ PD, “On existing cooking programs, viewers aren’t able to taste the food. But on this program, viewers can taste the food which is personally cooked by celebrities and chef. That’s what makes it very different from any other cooking programs.

Source:, BySagyehan Twitter 1|2|3, Naver News,TenAsia News 1|2, Fyfreakkey Tumblr, OliveTV FB
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