skidadler (skidadler) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Real2PM My House – The broadcast station is My House

It is Real~ 2PM! We are here to make your 2pm more energetic!
You till now have looked around the sextet’s house,
The houses that we have shown you till now were not the real one^^

The place where 2PM members dropped by as much as their houses, the place where they shared their joys and sorrows all together!
The last house that Real 2PM is going to stop by is the broadcast station!

This is ‘our house’ where we can do our leisure activities that we enjoy doing, and where bento boxes made by fans with all their heart!

Our 2PM where each member becomes the best when they are all together,
Let’s hurry and meet them~!

I wish I could decimate a cake the way Chansung does and be able to 1) keep his kind of figure 2) keep my dignity. Also, so much arm action in one frame... how does one handle this?

Source: JYPEntertainment | Naver
Tags: 2pm
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