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SM replies with IDK shrug regarding SJ's comeback date

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So this news came out..

It looks like Super Junior will be joining the summer comeback rush. On July 3, industry insiders told Star News that Super Junior’s comeback date has been set. Apparently, the group is planning to come back during the third week of July. The group will be making a comeback in 11 months since their last album “Mamacita” which was released in August 2014.

Currently, members Sungmin and Shindong are serving their military service. Meanwhile, Yesung has completed his military service. Thus their comeback will include different members from “Mamacita.”

According to the sources, it is highly likely that the new album will be a special album rather than a regular full-length album.

SM Entertainment has yet to disclose when the new album will be released, but it appears as though the group will definitely be making a summer comeback. This summer will definitely be interesting as many popular boy and girl groups are making their comebacks around the same time.

Super Junior will also be holding their “Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show6′ Encore” concerts on July 11-12 in Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnasium.

but SM reportedly denied this comeback date and discussed that it will be decided within next week

1. [+2,317, -154] SM would be insane to unnecessarily team kill their own artists with that schedule. They've invested a lot in SNSD's comeback... no way they'd have Super Junior just two weeks after. That'd basically be like telling SNSD to leave SM.

2. [+1,737, -129] Yeah, wouldn't be right to overlap their promos with SNSD

3. [+1,461, -87] I don't get what SM is doing these days with their team kill promos. If they just spread the promos out, all of their artists will have time in the spotlight but they just throw them all out and hope for the best ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They suck at scheduling comeback timings

4. [+883, -48] I thought they said it'd be the third week????????

5. [+840, -87] Are they going to overlap with SNSD????

6. [+199, -17] Don't they have a concert on the 11th and 12th? Then a comeback on the 13th of the third week sounds exactly right if they pre-release songs at their concert.

7. [+192, -26] Wow... Super Junior doesn't even get any sort of promo and are just thrown into a comeback like this... this is so wrong. Who do they think makes them all their money?

8. [+157, -9] Come on, you know what the date is, just release it already ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+130, -21] SM's denying it but it actually makes way more sense. WG even denied that they shot a music video together but came out with the truth just a couple days later... SM, please stop it with the team kill.

10. [+78, -6] Instead of wasting time denying this, SM should just hurry up and release promo articles instead... SM is always so fast with releasing useless articles. This is their 10th anniversary, promote it right.

11. [+77, -8] SM, we all know you're lying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They'll deny it now and then we'll randomly land with a "first comeback stage on Music Bank on the 17th" news ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+71, -7] Fans are already predicting the third week after their concert. With SM denying it, they better not be lying or they're seriously playing us.

One Way's Peter has been updating fans with hints, saying that the special summer album will be coming out soon and that Donghae had a hand in making the title track. It's also rumoured that this is just a special summer album, and that 8jib will be released later this year. It seems that SM was not keen on releasing this album and that it was something SJ wanted to do for fans. Scheduling conflicts with SNSD?

We'll have to see!

source: soompi(1), NB article
image: soompi
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