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Secret Weapon Ep3 highlights!

Secret Weapon Ep3 highlights
10 girl group members compete in weekly missions, judged by a panel of 10 'holic' fans.
The winner of each episode gets to be filmed by 3 professional fancammers.

[CAST]Clockwise from top left:
Sihyun (Spica)
Dahye (BESTie)
Solbin (Laboum)
Yerin (GFriend)
Minhee (Stellar)
Daye (Berry Good)
Alice (Hello Venus)
Jei (Fiestar)
Jisoo (TAHITI)
Daeun (2Eyes)

Episode 3's role model: IU

Fanservice, singing & songwriting, acting

[opening pics]

[Round 1: Fanservice]ROUND 1: Fanservice

this was a hidden camera segment where an actor disguised as a reporter interviewed them separately in a room, and the girls were judged based on how they responded to the following ridiculous and strange circumstances:
1. he shook their hands with sweaty palms
2. he offered them drinks and kimbap
3. he asked them to dance (without music)
4. he told them they had a dating scandal with a fellow artist
5. he suddenly shared his personal problems with them
6. he asked for an autograph on his sole (with his socks on)

Jisoo & Sihyun

Yerin (she cried ;~;)

I can't believe they actually danced...

Round 1 ranking:
1. Yerin
2. Solbin
3. Dahye
4. Minhee
5. Sihyun, Alice
7. Jei
8. Daye, Jisoo
10. Daeun

[Round 2: Singing & songwriting]ROUND 2: Singing & songwriting

they had to rewrite lyrics to a song (in groups) one of the holic fan judges wrote and performed (cute ditty that had references to all of them in it), then sing it.

Round 2 ranking:
1. Sihyun, Daeun, Yerin
2. Dahye, Daye, Jisoo
3. Solbin, Minhee, Jei, Alice

[Round 3: Acting]ROUND 3: Acting

they re-enacted iconic Korean drama scenes.

Jei (2) vs Jisoo (8)

Daeun (7) vs Dahye (3)

Solbin (3) vs Yerin (7)

edited out: Daye vs Sihyun, Alice vs Minhee

the winners of the 1v1 went on to act out different situations.



Daeun (really funny, totally deserved to win)


solo acting voting results:

Daeun: 38
Daye: 31
Yerin: 22
Alice: 21
Jisoo: 2

Round 3 ranking:
1. Daeun
2. Daye
3. Yerin
4. Alice
5. Jisoo
6. Minhee
7. Dahye, Solbin
9. Jei
10. Sihyun

[who won the amazing once-in-a-lifetime prize of solo fancams?]
1. Yerin!
2. Daeun
3. Dahye
4. Daye
5. Sihyun, Solbin, Alice
8. Minhee, Jisoo
10. Jei

cuts: MBC Every1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
fancams: Spinel | 남상미
fantakens: smilewa 1 2 (more at source)

(full raw ep on dailymotion) apparently they're going to eliminate half the girls in the next episode (not sure if it's all 5 or ep by ep, but wtf). it's already such a crappy program and they want to cut half the cast? lol ok
Tags: bestie, fiestar, gfriend, hello venus, laboum, mbc, spica, stellar
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