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King of Masked Singer - CBR Cleopatra edition

Since Kim Yeon-woo CBR Cleopatra has been slaying for some time now.

The Phantom of the Opera Duet with Bae Da Hae


I Say If - Noel Eliminated Lee Gun-myeong

태수 a

Cannot Have You - Bank Eliminated Ailee & 3rd Gen. King Jinju and became 4th Gen. King

태수 a
If you're a Sandeul fan, he cries. He starts bawling at the end because he recognized the voice a his role model sunbae or something like that.

As long as the night passes - Im Jae-bum Eliminated Jo Jang-hyuk and remained as 5th Gen. King

태수 a

Love...That Person - Bobby Kim Eliminated Jung Eunji and remained as 6th Gen. King

Lemon Tree

The More I Love - Boohwal Eliminated Kim Boa and remained as 7th Gen. King

Lemon Tree

태수 a | Lemon Tree | Misa

It's been so long since I've posted, I actually struggled a bit making this one OTL
Tags: king of masked singer, singer, tv shows, when will your faves?
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