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Girl's Day Does Damage Control on AfreecaTV

The members of Girl’s Day returned to AfreecaTV BJ Choi Kun‘s program to officially apologize for their behavior on the July 7 episode of his show.

Viewers have been criticizing the members for seeming to treat Choi Kun disrespectfully when they appeared on his program by only focusing on the food he bought for them and talking amongst themselves instead of responding to him. The controversy has continued even though Choi Kun released a statement to explain that the filming had been a lot of fun and that they had made up certain scenarios beforehand.

In order to personally apologize to viewers, Girl’s Day appeared on Choi Kun’s show on July 10 after filming their performance on “Music Bank.”

At the beginning of the broadcast, Choi Kun says, “Even though I was the MC, I was too inexperienced at hosting. During the live broadcast, it’s my job to spot the online comments that need to be addressed and to catch on to any discomfort, but I fell short at that.”

The Girl’s Day members then arrive and take a seat next to Choi Kun. Leader Sojin speaks on behalf of the group, saying, “We want to express our apologies. We apologize for making viewers uncomfortable when they wanted to watch an enjoyable show.”

She goes on to add, “In the future, we’ll always be bright and energetic, and we’ll work hard. We’ll be more careful and cautious about everything. Once again, we apologize.”

After they all stand to bow to their audience, the other members each take turns to echo the same sentiments and apologize to the viewers.

Girl’s Day are currently promoting their new single “Ring My Bell” off their latest album “Love.”

Source: Friday 123 + Soompi

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