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Baes looking Bae for comeback called "Flower Bud"!

GFRIEND Releases Teaser Image for Second Mini Album

Rookie girl group GFRIEND has finally released the teaser images for their upcoming second mini album “Flower Bud!”

The girl group, who debuted earlier this year with the hit “Glass Bead,” will once again returning with a mini album perfect for the summer season.

In the teaser images released, the members of GFRIEND are dressed in white summer dresses, enjoying a sunny day beside a river.

Although the exact comeback date has yet to be confirmed, it has been reported that the group is planning on releasing their album “Flower Bud” on July 27.

The exact comeback date for G-Friend is July 23.

[Check out the individual shots! + more]

Soompi & GFriend's Official Twitter

They are so pretty & I can't wait for their bop release since no one has graced me with such so far.
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