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TVXQ to release special album!!!

TVXQ will be releasing a new special album “RISE AS GOD” the day before Yunho‘s enlistment.

On July 20, TVXQ will release the special album “RISE AS GOD” through various music sites. This is the first comeback that they will be making since “Spellbound” about one year and five months ago.

As Yunho will be enlisting in the military on July 21 and the group will inevitably go on hiatus, this is an album to thank the fans who have cheered on and loved TVXQ.

“RISE AS GOD” comes from TVXQ’s band name which means “Rising Gods of the East.” It is a fitting title for the Hallyu kings, who have conquered not only Asia but the world.

There are double title songs for this album: a solo from Yunho and a solo from Changmin. Two music videos will be released through the official website and the SMTOWN YouTube Channel, through which you will be able to experience different musical styles from the two members. The album will contain a total of 10 tracks.

Source: SMTOWN NOW, Soompi
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