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Crush photoshoot + interview for Ceci

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“R&B Hip Hop’s Launch, Crush ‘You and I’”

Although he does not have a shoujo manga character’s stoic looks, Crush has sparkling eyes and and a bright smile. With his soulful and strongly addictive voice, there’s enough to fall for.

CECI: When looking up the word “crush” in the dictionary, it means “break,” but it also means, “to fall for.” Does Crush, just like his name, also have another side?
Crush: More often than not, I hear that I’m wacky. Especially from the hyungs that I’m around a lot. Because I started a social life faster than other people my age, rather than same-age friends I have more hyung friends. Maybe that’s why I hear the words “wacky” and “cute” so much, but I don’t know if that’s a hidden side. (Laughter)

CECI: Because of that wackiness were you able to cling to Zion. T whom you found on the streets of Hongdae and ask him to listen to your music?
Crush: No. That time I was desperate. It was my will to survive. (CECI: Was there another time where you had to use such courage again?) After that happening, I needed such courage all the time.

CECI: It’s surprising that you’ve been doing music since you were younger. At the age of 10, you wrote lyrics, and during middle school you even made whole songs. Have you ever thought of taking a different path?
Crush: Why wouldn’t I? I thought about it. My family’s cirumstances weren’t bad, and because my father had chosen the opposite, (TL/N: I think this means his father didn’t choose to follow his dream? I dunno.) I needed a determined choice. I thought of trying to learn by working under my father, but in the end, I compared my happiness and chose music.

CECI: You have the looks of a nice person. But you probably also have times where you’re angry. What do you do in those times?
Crush: I’m not a nice person. (Laughter) When I was younger, I would go to the baseball machine, but these days I just try not to let stress get to me. If I get annoyed by something and end up obsessing over it, the problem gets solved by throwing away the greed inside me. If you forget about your greed, you’ll feel much better. A long time ago, I, too, because of jealousy, would feel really bad inside, but I realized that it was no good. I thought, 'Let’s go back to the basics,’ and went back to the mindset I had when I first started music. Back to when I was overflowing with passion and ambition. Seeing as in the time that went by, I’d achieved so many things, I’d also lost things, too, and I realized I’d become more small-minded and lacking. At that time I really couldn’t make music. My hand just wouldn’t do it. For a while, I just let everything go and took some time to just empty my mind. After spending a disgustingly difficult time like that, afterwards, I became so calm and comfortable I almost felt it was too good to be true. Music became more fun, too.

CECI: Is there a jinx?
Crush: Rather than a jinx, it was just that during the time I was working some changes happened. Just like normal, I stayed up late working on a song. After doing that, I thought it to be inefficient. So I became a morning person. (CECI: What changed?) At night, I become sensitive. But also, my body gets tired. Like other office workers, if you work in the afternoon, you have more energy and moreover you do things that collectively could be called “work.” I think of myself as a pro, too. (Laughter)

CECI: What’s the one thing that you can’t be negligent about when making music?
Crush: The right answer is in the question. You can’t be negligent. I’m usually on the dilligent/industrious side, but recently, I’ve become a little slack. It’s a time where ideas run out, so you have to do something new. So I go on trips, play video games, look at mangas, meet people… I just played around.

CECI: When you make music, do you think of popular chords?
Crush: Because my feelings, the melody and arrangement [in the song] aren’t just going to be kept to myself, but also shared with the public, you can’t say that it doesn’t have its popular and commercial sides to it.

CECI: How do you rule out the so-called “next generation music” from the “good music”?
Crush: Think of it as a personal preference. Isn’t the problem about where you think the line is between reflecting or not reflecting the trends?

CECI: In Crush’s music, a sexy lady often makes her appearance, although, of course it could be because of the genre of music. Is your ideal type perhaps a sexy lady?
Crush: Yes. In real life, I do like a sexy lady. (CECI: It wouldn’t make a good couple, though. You look like such a nice person.) I was joking. To be honest, I’d like a person who understands me. (CECI: An understanding and sexy lady.) Haha! It’s fine if she’s not sexy, just if she’s understanding.

CECI: Among Zion. T, Gray and Loco, your crew hyungs call you things like, “the best musician,” “genius,” and “crazy.” Are you really a genius? (Laughter)
Crush: Absolutely not. Because they’re my hyungs, they’re just complimenting me. Actually, I’m very envious of each of my hyung’s talents.

CECI: Introduce your new album.
Crush: If I were to summarize it in one sentence, it is an album where I go back to the basics. I’ve saved the feel from those days the best I could and put them in this album. Rather than the Crush that the public is used to, the color I had in the underground is well represented in this hip hop album. (CECI: Now you show us the side of Crush from before.) Yes. Thinking of the future, this is a process that needed to be done.

CECI: If your goal is '100’, then what grade do you give your current self?
Crush: It’s still 0. (CECI: Even though the public know you well?) I don’t want to forget the firsts. To make better music I must push myself more and more.
(Translator’s note: Every time he talks about the “firsts” and “getting back to the basics” he says the word “초심” which literally translates to “the first feeling” or “a beginner’s feeling.”)

CECI: A song you want to give to your girlfriend as a morning call? Crush: Zion. T’s “Eat.”

When you get up from your bed? Look for wellness(?) eat omega 3, vitamin C.

A time I like: time spent sleeping.

The last time I smiled really big was? I smiled a lot while looking at a picture of me and my older sister and younger sibling from when we were little.

Recently I’ve been really into: the manhwa Slam Dunk.

Three wishes for this year that I hope will come true: I want to be healthy, I want the people around me to be happy, I want lots of people to listen to my music.

To Crush, the word “genius” is: definitely not myself.

Something fun that happened outside of music was: the photoshoot. It’s fun to show a different side of myself, like today.

How was Ceci? Very fun.

Source: Kpopstarz, Ceci, kkot-mi-nam

EDIT: big thanks to nokcha_gongju for the full translation!
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