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Hyoyeon shares her eyebrow beauty tips with 'Dispatch', netizens comments

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1. [+5,619, -189] Can't believe we've come to a day where Hyoyeon gives beauty tips ㅋㅋㅋ she has certainly gotten prettier..

2. [+5,813, -509] She did get prettier thanks to the change in brow style but it's not just her brows that has made her prettier..

3. [+3,605, -149] I do admit she's gotten prettier ㅋㅋ

4. [+3,134, -558] She's a living example of how much difference just your brows can make in changing your face..

5. [+2,322, -86] I really do want to get some brow tips from her. Your facial impression changes so much by just cleaning up the area a little, imagine how much a drastic change in shape can do. Eyebrows are super important ㅋㅋ

6. [+2,444, -473] Seohyun gets so much crap for getting botox but Hyoyeon can use her eyebrows as an excuse for getting prettier. Fix her face up all she wants and then blame it on her brows.

7. [+1,632, -109] Her and Luna are getting prettier by the day... even if they did get work done, it's nothing obvious like plastic surgery monsters, it's good on the eyes. She matches short hair quite well too..

8. [+1,674, -153] Well, she works in an industry where trends change by the minute so she needs to keep up with it and upgrade what she's got

9. [+2,095, -618] It's mostly plastic surgery that made her prettier, don't act like it isn't what it is

10. [+1,394, -230] Hyoyeon unni you're so pretty ^^ loving 'Party' too ^^ thank you for the beauty tips

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