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Goo Hara Talks About Her Tan + KARA Members’ Reaction to Her Solo Debut


KARA member Goo Hara recently talked about her new tanned look, as well as her fellow group members’ reactions to her making her solo debut.

On the July 18 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” Goo Hara sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program to share her thoughts on her debut as a solo artist.

She expressed, “I had a small desire to try solo promotions, so I challenged myself to it this time.”

During the interview, the reporter asked about her new look, to which Goo Hara explained, “I got a tan in order to show another side that’s different from what I’ve shown in KARA.”

When asked if the rest of the KARA members were jealous of her solo debut, Goo Hara answered, “No. Youngji did a rap featuring, Seungyeon took part in song-writing, and Gyuri helped plan the concept,” revealing that her group was very supportive of her solo activities.

[netizens comments]
Article: 'Ent Relay' Goo Hara, "I got a tan to show a different image from KARA"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+450, -18] The tan looks weird

2. [+380, -13] Is that really Goo Hara? Not the pretty face I'm used to seeing

3. [+364, -14] But her song is honestly so bad

4. [+40, -3] I wonder why they did her make up like that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+28, -5] Let's not tan anymore next time...

6. [+26, -3] This honestly the worst concept for Goo Hara... ㅋㅋㅋ daebak, the tan looks weird

7. [+25, -2] She really doesn't match the tan... and she put in a lot of contouring too with blue eyeshadow make up.. Her original skintone's a lot prettier. Leave this pretty girl alone...

8. [+24, -3] Why did they do this to such a pretty girl...

9. [+20, -5] Tan doesn't match her, make up doesn't match her, face looks unnatural because of botox;;; everything's just a mess in onee

10. [+20, -6] These screencaps look like they were taken from an Amuro Namie video from the nineties

Source: Soompi naver 1 & Netizenbuzz nate
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