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Photos surface of Raina in alleged blackface at her musical

Backstory: "I Love You, Tonj" is a musical based on the KBS documentary "Don't Cry For Me, Sudan". It's about Father John Lee, a priest who dedicates his life to working in the village of Tonj, Sudan. Raina plays Ah Buk, a beauty from the village.

This musical was put on once before in 2013 when Raina's role was played by Michelle Lee.


Summary of Nate article (originally from zjnzjn2304 but translator deleted bolded tweets, so full text from this OH thread)(tumblr post with copy of receipts):
- Raina is going to play as an African kid in her upcoming musical. She thinks that all AS members will go to support her.
- Especially Nana, the one who laughed so much when she heard that Raina would have to cover herself with black paint
- Raina has always been using bright make up so she finds it not so normal when she has to use dark make-up
- Raina’s afraid that when people see her dark make-up, they’ll think that she’s not pretty enuf to be idol and would leave negative comments
- Raina got along well with the musical casts. Everyone said that she wasn’t like a normal idol (meaning friendly)
- Raina is very happy hanging out with the casts. B4, whenever she’s stressed, she just went for movies w/ friends bcs she doesn’t drink
- Now that she thinks abt it again, she finds it boring. She is trying to go out to play more with the casts nowadays

from translator: "I just want to clarify. There was no sense of racist in Nana’s comment. It’s like how you laugh at your best friend’s being more bizzare than the other days. I’m sorry if my English translation causes any misunderstanding, but when I read the article in Korean, I didn’t feel any racist here :) There was no sense of racist in neither Raina or Nana’s comment."

SOURCES: instagram raina_57, naby2999, uieing / tumblr lookatafterschool 1, 2 / twitter liberty7159, kurikkuma0516 / translations by zjnzjn2304 / other nate, onehallyu / small summary of the musical by me

SORRY if this is messy im bad at this lmfao...also literally while i was making this post the translator had up some tweets that translated an AS member's comment (i forgot which one but i think jungah or jooyeon) on raina's instagram calling her "our darkie reng" but they (the translator) deleted them otherwise i would add them in too
Tags: after school, cultural insensitivity / racism

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