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#HelpLeeJungHee "3-Mother-Sons Case" Victims Kidnapped VS Police Statement "That isn't true"

Gyeonggi Province Police states that the mother and sons, victims of "3-Mother-Sons Case", are currently at a hospital in Gyeonggi.

On the noon of 17 July at about 6pm, NAVER cafe 'A body full of scars but still a beautiful woman' posted a message that the mother and sons of the 3-Mother-Sons case have been kidnapped. According to news in the cafe, the mother, Madam Lee (45 years old) 'was forced by family members to be taken to mental hospital' during the process of kidnap. This news spread quickly among the cafe members after it was posted, at the same time, there are people who provided Citizen Daily News with this information.

On 18 July, Gyeonggi Province Police on the request of Female & Youth Sexual Violence Special Search Team, posted the news that Madam Lee and her 2 sons are undergoing Mental Health Evaluation at a hospital in Gyeonggi, on the bulletin board of the Police Station main website. The police expressed that the news was announced to let the public know the truth, due to some netizens spreading untrue information with regards to the 3-Mother-Sons case.

The police expressed that the news regarding the police kidnapping the 3 mother-sons, and sending the mother, Madam Lee and 2 sons to be confined in the mental hospital is not true. On the 17 July, The police agent from Gyeonggi Children Protection Specialised Organisation, lawyer, Civic group in-charge & other related organisations etc participated in a Case Analysis meeting. After discussion, the conclusion was that it was better for the 3-Mother-Sons to receive consultation from a Mental Health Specialist.

The police officer-in-charge also expressed that the 3 mother-sons have not disappeared nor are they kidnapped. It is to ensure the safety of the 3-mother-sons that their exact location is not announced.

On 16 July, the Busan Family Court revoked the divorce case appeal made by the suspect of the 3-Mother-Sons sexual abuse criminal case, husband Mr Heo (50 years old) against wife Madam Lee. Therefore, Madam Lee and Mr Heo are divorced, and Madam Lee is awarded with the sons' custody. Pertaining to this, netizens are questioning "How did Madam Lee win the divorce case if she needs a mental health evaluation?" and request "Please provide the evidence for us to see that the 3-Mother-Sons are safe."

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Original source of news:

Source translation : Francesca092391

Edit ->>>>

SOS Message sent by 2nd son

Translation :

The messages sent by younger son to netizen (frome cafe) after the kidnapping
*English version available*
I’m the younger son, those ** brought us to the __ hospital.
Please do not call me temporarily.
They want to send Mom in the mental hospital.
I’m the younger son, we’re taken to another hospital.
Please help us. We trust you.
Please do not reply.

I’m the younger son, we’re in the hospital now.
Gyeonggi sexual violence search team and __ forcibly took Mom here.
The name of the hospital where we are is ____.
Please do not reply.
I love you.
I’m the younger son, now Mom
(Note: The contents were suspected to be not completely typed.)
I’m the younger son,
Mom is hospitalized at ____ now.
___ and I are at ____ hospital now.
The phone number is ____.
Please help us. We trust you.
Translated by YC

Source : Help Lee Jung Hee
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