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SSIN: Lessons In Cosmetic Psychometry


Are you guys familiar with Korean beauty vloggers? I started researching a few months ago and SSIN stood out to me. I met up with her in March in NYC during her Cosmetic & Fanmeet tour and asked her a few questions about how she got started, future plans, and her personal beauty philosophy!

Creepy art by my friend Ruda Lee. If you wanna do creepy edits too, contact me! Also, luckily SSIN's handle of English is great but I need a chief Korean translator to help me out when that isn't the case. SOS me by emailing:

[Meet SSIN!]Hey Ssin! Great to meet you! Is it true that you never formally studied makeup artistry?
That’s right! I never studied any of this formally. Actually, I am a college student studying Graphic Design at Chung Ang University. I’m taking a break, but I should be graduating next year. Up until now I have always gathered all of the "know-how" about makeup and cosmetics from books or from internet searches. I think art, design, and makeup are very connected to each other so I don't experience any particular difficulty when working with makeup.

What inspired you to become a makeup vlogger?
In highschool I became interested in cosplay and theatrical makeup and I would blog about it from time to time. When I turned 20 I began to learn more about every day makeup. For Koreans, 20 is the start of adulthood and being out of highschool means that we can express ourselves more freely. It's common for girls to start experimenting with makeup at that age. That's when I started blogging about my journey with makeup with more frequency, though I still did cosplay too. Over time my blog started gaining attention and I appeared as a guest on some popular shows such as Martian XFile and Star King where the focus was my transformative cosplay and makeup skills.

In 2012, I began to participate in makeup tutorial videos for Get It Beauty Self, a Youtube extension to the cable series Get It Beauty. After shooting a few of those, I decided that I liked it and I thought that I should do a project by myself. CJ E&M produces Get It Beauty and they invited me to become the first contributor for their Beauty in Me app. I started my youtube channel in early 2014 in partnership with the Beauty in Me project.

As always please read the rest at the source.

Which other vloggers do you want to learn more about? Pony? Yes, Pony. Anyone else in your radar?

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