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Ji Chang Wook masterpost

Soompi revealed my future husband Ji Chang Wook is already shooting along Shim Eun Kyung a crime-action movie named "Manipulated City".

"This film centers around a guy named Kwon Yoo who is falsely charged with murder and tries to dig for the truth in the manipulated case. He is the leader of Team Resurrection in a fantasy game world but is nothing but an unemployed man in reality. He is later blamed for someone else's murder and his life takes a complete tur.

Shim Eun Kyung will play the role of genius hacker Yeo Wool working together with Kwon Yoo on the case"

According to JCWK : "The cast includes Ji Chang Wook as Kwon Yoo, Shim Eun Kyung as Yeo Wool, Oh Jung Se as Min Chon Sang, (second row, left to right) Kim Sang Ho as Ma Dok Su, Kim Ki Chon as Beauty of Blank Space, Ahn Jae Hong as Demolition, and Kim Min Kyo as Guru Yong"

He talked to KBS2's "Entertaiment Weekly" on July 11 about his tour, Healer, football and other things.

And he designed a t-shirt for Lonsdale and talked about it in the BTS.

And all the Healer BTS (the videos are out of order and there's not much dialogue but Healer!!!):

And now some photoshoots:

[BNT International / ONE Korea]

[Elle Men]

And the video:

[And JCW's two seconds speaking after inhaling helium, bc he's a dork]

Sources: Soompi & Naver, JCWK, Entertainment Weekly, Star Talk, kpopbuddy, his instagram, and jichangwookkitchen for doing the lord's work and translating the videos.

Hope this time's okay, mods!
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