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They're on IG! Will JYPE bless us with a debut soon??

The members have all posted this; seems like they'll be out performing at an event at the end of the month!


If you're like me, you're probably confused right now too. "DAY6 WHO??" So let's backtrack a bit...
scrolling through my insta feed today, I stumbled upon this post by Youtuber Terry He:

t_heezy: thought you guys should know... BRIAN FINALLY GOT AN OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM!! @youngk93 [...]

After doing some digging around (being the detective that i am), I'm here to present the insta accounts of our 5LIVE DAY6 boys. Thaaat's right, there seems to be an addition to the team! Besides Park Sungjin, everyone else has an account.

[young k]First up, my fellow Canadian BRIAN KANG: (x)

youngk93: #Day6 #JYP #YoungK

[kpopstar, park jaehyung]The final of the TOP 6 KPOPSTAR S1 to debut, PARK JAEHYUNG (who has some wise words for you: #dontwearsocks #causeweregonnablowthemoff ) (x)

jaeparklb: I'm back. Y'all miss me? #abouttime #thoughtiwasgonnabehereforever #jkiloveyoudontcutmeplease

[kim wonpil the BFF??]Jackson's rumoured BFF & master of the keytar, KIM WONPIL (x)

kkkkwp: #day6

[SUPER QT im junhyeok]qt pianist / junho doppelganger, IM JUNHYEOK (x)

junhyeok93: 아자!#Day6#뿌셔뿌셔#화이팅#fighting#がんばって

[new kid on the block, yoon dowoon]FINALLY, the new addition to the team, YOON DOWOON! (i don't know anything else about him but he's '95 line) (x)

Okay let's take a big breath and relive the glorious predebut showcase as a refresher now:

I struggled a bit with IG embed today so I just linked the posts, sorry. If you take nothing else from this, then just follow Jaehyung because he seems to be the new hashtag king.

fybriankang, t_heezy
DAY6: youngk93, jaeparklb, kkkkwp, junhyeok93, dowoon95
(PS they have more posts on their accounts if you wanna check it out one by one)
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