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Zion.T and Lee Som dating rumors; both agencies say he's "just an oppa"

It’s rare to see a dating news article already contain the denial, but yes, that is what the The Fact’s article is like.

Local news agency The Fact reports that singer Zion.T (born 1989) and model-turned-actress Lee Som (a.k.a Esom) (born 1990) are dating. The Fact states that it heard the rumors that the two were dating and after it started its investigation, it spotted Zion.T dropping off Lee Som in his Audi A5 convertible to her house on June 22.

Also in June, the two went to Jeju Island, and a source told The Fact that Zion.T and Lee Som were spotted on a date together at a cafe, caring little about people recognizing them. The Fact points out both Lee Som and Zion.T uploaded photos from Jeju onto their respective Instagram accounts around the same time.

Also at the same time, Zion.T and Lee Som both uploaded childhood pictures of themselves. Another way these two are showing their affection for each over social media is that the two use the same elephant emoticon.

At the end of the story, The Fact gives us the official statement it received from Lee Som’s agency, which said, “The two are good friends. They are merely in a good “oppa” and “dongsaeng” relationship. Lee Som likes music and is maintaining a good friendship with him.” The agency also explains that while it is true that both Lee Som and Zion.T went to Jeju Island, they also went with other friends.

Zion.T’s side has also denied. His agency confirmed that the singer and Lee Som are just friends and like Lee Som’s side said, they were in Jeju Island with other friends too.

Source: Soompi, The Fact

What do you think, Omona? I think we've all heard the "he's just a close oppa" excuse before; do you really think he's #justafriend? Is he stepping out on his boo Crush? Is she calling him babay?
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